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StateDateCase NameOptions
Commonwealth of Australia2019-04-10Sykes v Intermediate CAPITAL Asia Pacific 2008 Gp Limited (No 2)
Commonwealth of Australia2019-04-10Buurabalayji Thalanyji Aboriginal Corporation v Onslow Salt Pty Ltd (No 3)
Commonwealth of Australia2019-04-10Openetworks Pty Ltd v Myport Pty Ltd
Commonwealth of Australia2019-04-10Bky17 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection
Commonwealth of Australia2019-04-10Nugawela v Commissioner of Taxation (No 2)
Commonwealth of Australia2019-04-10Stambe v Minister for Health (No 2)
Commonwealth of Australia2019-04-10Williamson v Michell (TRUSTEE)
Commonwealth of Australia2019-04-10Gill v Ethicon Srl (No 3)
Commonwealth of Australia2019-04-10Karan v Minister for Home Affairs