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StateDateCase NameOptions
Commonwealth of Australia2019-10-10Cln17 v Minister for Home Affairs
Commonwealth of Australia2019-10-10Kristoffersen v Secretary, Department of Social Services
Commonwealth of Australia2019-10-10Cole v AUSTRALIAN Financial Security Authority
Commonwealth of Australia2019-10-10Ferreira v Minister for Home Affairs
Commonwealth of Australia2019-10-10Pinnacle Runway Pty Ltd v Triangl Limited
Commonwealth of Australia2019-10-10Sun Hung Kai Investment Services Limited v Metals X Limited
Commonwealth of Australia2019-10-10Pluto Shipowning INC v Able Glory Maritime Co Ltd
Commonwealth of Australia2019-10-10Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria v Hoskins (Maroondah) Pty Ltd
Commonwealth of Australia2019-10-10Mehajer v Weston in His CAPACITY as TRUSTEE of the Bankrupt Estate of Salim Mehajer
Commonwealth of Australia2019-10-10Dzt18 v Minister for Home Affairs
Commonwealth of Australia2019-10-10Harvard Nominees Pty Ltd v Tiller
Commonwealth of Australia2019-10-10Ewx17 v Minister for Home Affairs
Commonwealth of Australia2019-10-10Chau v the AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING Corporation
Commonwealth of Australia2019-10-10Batterham v Nauer, in the Matter of Peter James Batterham