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USITC2018-04-02Certain Automated Teller Machines, Atm Modules, Components Thereof, and Products Containing the Same; Inv. No. 337-Ta-989 (Enforcement)
USITC2018-04-02HYDROFLUOROCARBON Blends and Components Thereof From China; Inv. No. 731-Ta-1279 (Final) (Remand)
USITC2018-04-02Certain Mounting APPARATUSES for Holding Portable Electronic Devices and Components Thereof; Inv. No. 337-Ta-1086
USITC2018-04-02Certain Color Intraoral SCANNERS and Related Hardware and Software; Inv. No. 337-Ta-1091
USITC2018-04-02Certain L-Tryptophan, L-Tryptophan Products, and Their Methods of Production, Inv. No. 337-Ta-1005
USITC2018-04-02Certain Microfluidic Devices; Inv. No. 337-Ta-1068
USITC2018-04-02Certain THERMOPLASTIC-ENCAPSULATED Electric Motors, Components Thereof, and Products and Vehicles Containing Same; Inv. No. 337-Ta-1073
USITC2018-04-02Certain Insulated Beverage Containers, Components, Labels, and Packaging Materials Thereof; Inv. No. 337-Ta-1084
USITC2018-04-02Folding Gift Boxes From China; Inv No. 731-Ta-921 (Third Review)