Cases for Court : Vermont Vermont Supreme Court

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StateDateCase NameOptions
Vermont2018-04-06State v. Jason P. Morse
Vermont2018-04-06State v. Yetha L. Lumumba
Vermont2018-04-06Adam Hubacz v. The Village of Waterbury
Vermont2018-04-06State v. Kimberly Love
Vermont2018-04-06Stevens Law Office v. Clifford C. Heyer, Michael Lane, Union Bank, Lyndall Heyer
Vermont2018-04-06State v. Dennis Dundas
Vermont2018-04-06In Re Charles Trowell
Vermont2018-04-06In Re m.k.
Vermont2018-04-06In Re s.h. & t.h., Juveniles
Vermont2018-04-06Nicola Weaver v. David Weaver
Vermont2018-04-06State v. John J. Stern, Jr.
Vermont2018-04-06Scott B. Naylor, Et Al. V. Michael Wood / Colleen Sylvester v. Michael Wood