Cases for Court : Vermont Vermont Supreme Court

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StateDateCase NameOptions
Vermont2018-05-04State v. William Schenk
Vermont2018-05-04In Re r.b., Juvenile
Vermont2018-05-04In Re Paul Bryan Thibodeau O'Connor
Vermont2018-05-04In Re Cynthia Pinheiro
Vermont2018-05-04Nicola Weaver v. David Weaver
Vermont2018-05-04Michael DEUSO v. Department of Labor (Shelburne Limestone Corporation, Employer)
Vermont2018-05-04In Re a.w., Juvenile
Vermont2018-05-04Nicholas Jones v. Gretchen Stern
Vermont2018-05-04Federal National Mortgage Association v. Marjorie Johnston and Kamberleigh Johnston
Vermont2018-05-04Leslye W. Kenney v. Lawrence Kenney
Vermont2018-05-04Brian K. Bannister v. David Graves