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Florida2022-07-11State of Florida - Vs - CARTER, LUKE Francis
Florida2022-07-11State of Florida - Vs - Giraldo, Johnathan
Florida2022-07-07State of Florida - Vs - Marrero, Luis Lopez
Florida2022-07-05State of Florida - Vs - Alvarado-Rico, Johan Jose
Florida2022-06-30State of Florida - Vs - Duran, Luis Alberto
Florida2022-06-24State of Florida - Vs - Leyvaperez, Jose Alfredo
Florida2022-06-19State of Florida - Vs - Deering, Sterling Hall
Florida2022-06-17State of Florida - Vs - Arterbury, Storm James
Florida2022-06-17State of Florida - Vs - Urena, David
Florida2022-06-17State of Florida - Vs - Kennedy, Shane Hilton
Florida2022-06-17State of Florida - Vs - Sabater, Toney
Florida2022-06-16State of Florida - Vs - Insua, Angel
Florida2022-06-14State of Florida - Vs - Dennis, Jean
Florida2022-06-07State of Florida - Vs - Galicia, RICARDO Antonio
Florida2022-06-03State of Florida - Vs - Bravorios, Nerlandys Gabriel
Florida2022-06-03State of Florida - Vs - Hernandez, Pablo A
Florida2022-05-27State of Florida - Vs - Wulff-Giron, AUSTIN William
Florida2022-05-20State of Florida - Vs - Diazkingsley, Julissa
Florida2022-05-19State of Florida - Vs - CASTILLA, Leonardo Andres
Florida2022-05-17State of Florida - Vs - Wellman, Shana Jade
Florida2022-05-13State of Florida - Vs - Estela CABRERA, John Anthony
Florida2022-05-06State of Florida - Vs - CARVAJAL, Christian Michael
Florida2022-05-06State of Florida - Vs - Ruizmestre, Abdiel
Florida2022-05-02State of Florida - Vs - CABEZAS-SAEZ, Luis Geraldo
Florida2022-05-02State of Florida - Vs - Howard, LUKE Daniel
Florida2022-05-02State of Florida - Vs - Rosadogarcia, Chavier Manuel
Florida2022-05-01State of Florida - Vs - CALDWELL, Roger Allen
Florida2022-04-29State of Florida - Vs - Paulcin, Savanah
Florida2022-04-29State of Florida - Vs - CANDELARIO Velez, William Hector
Florida2022-04-29State of Florida - Vs - Santiago, Angel
Florida2022-04-27State of Florida - Vs - Martinez, Eliodan Clemente
Florida2022-04-25State of Florida - Vs - Frazier, Timothy
Florida2022-04-22State of Florida - Vs - McCrary, Matthew Brian
Florida2022-04-22State of Florida - Vs - Pacheco - Fraticelli, Hector Ramon
Florida2022-04-21State of Florida - Vs - Cowell, Keith
Florida2022-04-20State of Florida - Vs - Reed, Eddie J
Florida2022-04-19State of Florida - Vs - Strollo, CARLEE M
Florida2022-04-18State of Florida - Vs - Taylor, Sophia Megan
Florida2022-04-18State of Florida - Vs - Collins, Imani
Florida2022-04-18State of Florida - Vs - Trujillo Villafuerte, Enoch
Florida2022-04-17State of Florida - Vs - Miller, Kyle Richard
Florida2022-04-16State of Florida - Vs - Robinson, Billy
Florida2022-04-15State of Florida - Vs - Collins, Altoria
Florida2022-04-14State of Florida - Vs - SCARBROUGH, Richard Thomas
Florida2022-04-14State of Florida - Vs - Jones, CARL Alvin
Florida2022-04-14State of Florida - Vs - Vazquez-Estrada, Jose Antonio
Florida2022-04-12State of Florida - Vs - Ruiz, Rafael AUGUSTO
Florida2022-04-08State of Florida - Vs - Cowell, Keith
Florida2022-04-04State of Florida - Vs - Harris, Amir Zaki
Florida2022-04-04State of Florida - Vs - Fosnot, Ryan Jacob
Florida2022-04-03State of Florida - Vs - Lawrence, Edward John
Florida2022-04-02State of Florida - Vs - Tory, Angalisa L
Florida2022-04-01State of Florida - Vs - Fauteux, Stephen Robert
Florida2022-03-30State of Florida - Vs - BRODUS, CORNELIUS
Florida2022-03-30State of Florida - Vs - Warner, Travis Leon
Florida2022-03-30State of Florida - Vs - Vialettatis, Valery Jonah
Florida2022-03-30State of Florida - Vs - Rosadocintron, Fernando
Florida2022-03-29State of Florida - Vs - Patrick, Jonathan Edwardlee
Florida2022-03-29State of Florida - Vs - Henson, Hunter Westin
Florida2022-03-28State of Florida - Vs - Agosto, Alicia Monique
Florida2022-03-28State of Florida - Vs - Johnson, Dakyree Tendaji
Florida2022-03-23State of Florida - Vs - McGee, Willie James
Florida2022-03-20State of Florida - Vs - Labadie, Talia Charlotte
Florida2022-03-18State of Florida - Vs - Alikanhai, Zared
Florida2022-03-18State of Florida - Vs - Rojas, Cristian I
Florida2022-03-15State of Florida - Vs - Hardy, Kenneth James, Jr
Florida2022-03-14State of Florida - Vs - Lee, REBECCA
Florida2022-03-14State of Florida - Vs - Cowell, Keith Allen
Florida2022-03-13State of Florida - Vs - McLane, Robert
Florida2022-03-12State of Florida - Vs - Koun, David Jonathan
Florida2022-03-11State of Florida - Vs - Rashid, Wali Abdur
Florida2022-03-10State of Florida - Vs - Maharaj, Kailash
Florida2022-03-01State of Florida - Vs - Mueller, Nathaniel Robert
Florida2022-02-28State of Florida - Vs - CAVASINNI-PENA, Julio C
Florida2022-02-22State of Florida - Vs - LEMUS Sarmiento, Fabian
Florida2022-02-22State of Florida - Vs - Montano Pupo, Idelfonso
Florida2022-01-31State of Florida - Vs - Marine, Demetric Charles
Florida2022-01-25State of Florida - Vs - Clonts, Matthew Buckley
Florida2022-01-24State of Florida - Vs - Hayes, Shannon
Florida2022-01-24State of Florida - Vs - CARCELLA, Anthony Scott
Florida2022-01-23State of Florida - Vs - MCCARTER, Stephen
Florida2022-01-21State of Florida - Vs - Armstrong, Matthew Beck
Florida2022-01-19State of Florida - Vs - Moreno Navarro, Abel
Florida2022-01-14State of Florida - Vs - Elliot, Tyshawn Haze
Florida2022-01-13State of Florida - Vs - Brown, Clifford D
Florida2022-01-11State of Florida - Vs - Howze, Reginald
Florida2022-01-10State of Florida - Vs - Royall, Ervin
Florida2022-01-07State of Florida - Vs - Lee, Terrance Terrell
Florida2022-01-05State of Florida - Vs - Gomez Maruri, Jeandry
Florida2022-01-02State of Florida - Vs - Shaffer, Zachary
Florida2022-01-01State of Florida - Vs - Freeman, Denver Randall
Florida2021-01-25State of Florida - Vs - Anderson, Marcello Donte
Florida2021-01-20State of Florida - Vs - Pollard, James Timothy
Florida2021-01-19State of Florida - Vs - Moore, Terry
Florida2021-01-18State of Florida - Vs - Mitchell, Leshaun R
Florida2021-01-17State of Florida - Vs - Taylor, Torian
Florida2021-01-12State of Florida - Vs - Hill, Deon E
Florida2021-01-11State of Florida - Vs - Vaughn, Jenice Danielle
Florida2021-01-09State of Florida - Vs - Barnes, Amanda Anecia
Florida2021-01-08State of Florida - Vs - BRODUS, CORNELIUS B
Florida2021-01-06State of Florida - Vs - Clay, Markeisha
Florida2021-01-05State of Florida - Vs - Gonzalez, Nicholas
Florida2021-01-02State of Florida - Vs - Alvear, Brandon
Florida2020-10-19State of Florida - Vs - Hammond, Walter Lee
Florida2020-06-02State of Florida - Vs - Beard, Nashalyn
Florida2020-05-28State of Florida - Vs - McKee, Keith Andrew
Florida2020-04-16State of Florida - Vs - Sarp, Anthony A
Florida2020-01-30State of Florida vs. Rahman, HUSSAIN I
Florida2020-01-28State of Florida vs. Rahman, HUSSAIN I
Florida2020-01-28State of Florida vs. Rahman, HUSSAIN I
Florida2020-01-28State of Florida vs. DELISCA, Elijah Pierre
Florida2020-01-24State of Florida vs. Rahman, HUSSAIN I
Florida2020-01-24State of Florida - Vs - Lachapelle, Mykerlie
Florida2020-01-03State of Florida - Vs - Beckner, Lisa
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida - Vs - Domingo, Daniela
Florida2019-12-12State of Florida vs. Ottenwalder, Jonathan Alexander
Florida2019-12-12State of Florida vs. Leon, Maria Guadalupe
Florida2019-12-11State of Florida vs. Holtslander, Shannon Nicolle
Florida2019-12-11State of Florida vs. Perez Velasquez, Onelia A
Florida2019-12-11State of Florida vs. Hamilton, Jeffery Lynn
Florida2019-12-11State of Florida vs. Munoz, Tiffany Marie
Florida2019-12-11State of Florida vs. Mirandalopez, Leyman Ivan
Florida2019-12-11State of Florida vs. Cobb, JAMAICA Shanice
Florida2019-12-11State of Florida vs. Cobb, JAMAICA Shanice
Florida2019-12-09State of Florida - Vs - Wright, Leon Akeem
Florida2019-12-06State of Florida vs. Sontcy Claudio, Manuel JESUS
Florida2019-12-06State of Florida vs. Walker, Mikael Yahari
Florida2019-12-06State of Florida vs. Santos, Aleandra Da Rocha
Florida2019-12-06State of Florida vs. Rios, Selvin Josue
Florida2019-12-06State of Florida vs. Brown, DONSHAVEUS Markesi
Florida2019-12-06State of Florida vs. Brown, DONSHAVEUS Markesi
Florida2019-12-06State of Florida vs. Collman, Antoinette Venice
Florida2019-12-06State of Florida vs. Dison, Rodrick Harold
Florida2019-12-05State of Florida vs. Rivera, Edward Ramon
Florida2019-12-05State of Florida vs. Lowe, Shykerria Kristianna
Florida2019-12-04State of Florida vs. Hough, Heather Kimball
Florida2019-12-04State of Florida vs. CASUL, Joshua JUSTIN
Florida2019-12-04State of Florida vs. Ottenwalder, Jonathan Alexander
Florida2019-12-03State of Florida vs. Elias-Peeples, Marnier Lynise
Florida2019-12-03State of Florida vs. Resendez, Pedro
Florida2019-12-03State of Florida vs. Onofre De Souza, Cesar
Florida2019-12-03State of Florida vs. Claudio Velazquez, Angel Jose
Florida2019-12-03State of Florida vs. Fernandez, Jose Luis
Florida2019-12-03State of Florida vs. Maldonado Morales, Rudel
Florida2019-12-03State of Florida vs. Maldonado Morales, Rudel
Florida2019-12-03State of Florida vs. CANDELARIO Coplin, Natanael
Florida2019-12-02State of Florida vs. Cruz CARDONA, Cesar Omar
Florida2019-12-02State of Florida vs. Cruz CARDONA, Cesar Omar
Florida2019-12-02State of Florida - Vs - Hughes, William Walter
Florida2019-12-02State of Florida - Vs - Hughes, William Walter
Florida2019-12-02State of Florida - Vs - Hughes, William Walter
Florida2019-11-30State of Florida vs. Aguilar Miranda, Nehemias S
Florida2019-11-29State of Florida vs. Silva, Juliana
Florida2019-11-27State of Florida vs. Sifonte, Miguel Angel
Florida2019-11-27State of Florida vs. Culbreth, Brice Alexander
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Lory, Christopher M
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Jones, Sylvester Markeith
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Watson, Maraya Nicole
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Adkins, Wilbur Antonio
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Shimmel, Dakota Mac
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Talabis, Jose Rigor Mendoza
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. ESCALANTE Velasquez, Arnulfo RICARDO
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. ESCALANTE Velasquez, Arnulfo RICARDO
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Cruz CARDOZA, Cesar Omar
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Aguilar Miranda, Nehemias S
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Benitez Garcia, Maria Rosario
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Alvarez, Rene
Florida2019-11-23State of Florida vs. Manso Filho, Francisco De Sena
Florida2019-11-23State of Florida vs. Bone, Adeso Sosa
Florida2019-11-23State of Florida vs. Stoakley, D Vonne Louis
Florida2019-11-23State of Florida vs. CANDELARIO Coplin, Natanael
Florida2019-11-23State of Florida vs. CANDELARIO Coplin, Natanael
Florida2019-11-23State of Florida vs. Morales Godinez, Jorge
Florida2019-11-23State of Florida vs. Thomas, DUSTIN CARL
Florida2019-11-23State of Florida vs. Manso Filho, Francisco De Sena
Florida2019-11-22State of Florida vs. Coronado Ramos, Jessie Verenice
Florida2019-11-22State of Florida vs. Cruz Najera, Elber David
Florida2019-11-22State of Florida vs. Brooks, Ebonee Ayana
Florida2019-11-21State of Florida - Vs - Harden, Jarvis Terrell
Florida2019-11-21State of Florida - Vs - Grisby, David Scott
Florida2019-11-21State of Florida - Vs - Jordan, Levine
Florida2019-11-21State of Florida vs. Roman Herrera, Giseforo
Florida2019-11-21State of Florida vs. King, THADEUS
Florida2019-11-21State of Florida vs. Myrtil, Edwige
Florida2019-11-21State of Florida vs. Bradford, Micheal Dexter
Florida2019-11-21State of Florida - Vs - Arce, Robert
Florida2019-11-21State of Florida - Vs - Hassan, Abdiraswhid HUSSEIN
Florida2019-11-20State of Florida - Vs - Green, Keion Jokari
Florida2019-11-20State of Florida vs. Perez Zamudio, Jenry
Florida2019-11-20State of Florida - Vs - Alston, Dangelo Montia
Florida2019-11-20State of Florida - Vs - Coburn, Scotty George
Florida2019-11-20State of Florida vs. Roman Herrera, Giseforo
Florida2019-11-20State of Florida - Vs - CARRICO, Francis McQue
Florida2019-11-19State of Florida - Vs - Galloway, Freddie Lee
Florida2019-11-18State of Florida vs. Lee, Charles Rozhia
Florida2019-11-18State of Florida - Vs - Cruz, William Bonilla
Florida2019-11-17State of Florida - Vs - Cranor, Jacob
Florida2019-11-17State of Florida - Vs - Brown, Keith
Florida2019-11-17State of Florida vs. Pittman, Terri Lynn
Florida2019-11-16State of Florida - Vs - Williamson, Jaleel Andre
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida - Vs - Worley, Steven
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida - Vs - Staeger, David
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida vs. Doodnath, Leon
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida vs. Doodnath, Leon
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida - Vs - Neal, Toney W
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida - Vs - Romondt, Kevin Lamont
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida - Vs - Martin, Dennis
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida - Vs - Marty, Jose
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida - Vs - Martin, Timothy
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida - Vs - Langston, Tiffany Leah
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Marquez Herrera, Andrea CAROLINA
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Rodriguez CABRERA, Karla Jasmin
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Perez Cinto, ARCADIO Federico
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Morgan, Kerri Lynette
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Donciu, Mariana
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Bernal, CARLOS Efrain
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Butler, Mary Hannah Elizabeth
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Chan, Ronnie
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Hernandez Villanueva, Isai
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida - Vs - Mills, Courtney Breana
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida - Vs - Williams, Maurice Limont
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Williams, Joshua
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida - Vs - MERCADO, Christopher
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Romero, Johan
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Rosenberg, Taylor Lee
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida vs. Martinez, Glenianis Josefina
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida vs. Griffin, Michael Stephen
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida vs. Bellamy, Joshua Terrill
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Ruhl, Franklin Bruce
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida - Vs - Marquez, JESUS Antonio
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida - Vs - Quick, Michael CAM
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida - Vs - Thompson, Tyler Gene
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida vs. Roblero Roblero, Mayra Yaneth
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida vs. Vasquez Roblero, Eduardo
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida vs. Gleason, Robyn Elizabeth
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida - Vs - Salierno, Vito F
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida - Vs - Thornton, Freddie
Florida2019-11-11State of Florida - Vs - Sherrin, Tad Leroy
Florida2019-11-11State of Florida - Vs - Nazario, Mia Jenique
Florida2019-11-11State of Florida vs. Day, Jocelyn Ann
Florida2019-11-10State of Florida - Vs - Dietrich, Danielle
Florida2019-11-09State of Florida vs. Rosillo Lopez, Maria DELCARMEN
Florida2019-11-09State of Florida vs. Ethier, Steven R
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida vs. Bass, Aundria Denise
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida vs. CARDOSO, Erivan Neves
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida vs. Frantz, Jonathan Francois, Jr
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida vs. CAPETANOPULOS Mirad, Socrates Helin
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida vs. Diblasi ROUSELLE, Brandi Sue
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida vs. Davis, Bradyan Delon, Jr
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida vs. Sledge, Charles Eugene
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida vs. Thomas, Jereem Reginald
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida vs. Hamlette, Salah
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida - Vs - Friedland, Joanne
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Apollon, Jose
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Apollon, Jose
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Faria Acosta, Humberto JESUS
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Ibarra Ortiz, Aide
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Tackett, Jonathan David
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Cronin, Zachary Ward
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. CASTANEDA, Marvin
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Baggs Iii, Mercer Robert
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Guzman, CARLOS Miguel
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Bridges, Kevin Jamil
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Dixon, Latasha Rachel
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Brazzeal, Jeffrey Wayde
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida vs. Doyon, CANDI Starr
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida vs. Ferreyra, Pedro Manuel
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida vs. Tapper, Jonathon Christian
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida vs. Baldeo, Brittney Anna
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida vs. Games Jasso, JESUS
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida vs. Aguayo Vega, Gabriel Ami
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida vs. Perdew, AUSTIN Shea
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida vs. Guzman Perdomo, Benjamin Edgardo
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida vs. Fancy, Lamar Oneal
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Lee, Treylon M
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Deleon Solis, Herber Yobany
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Corbin, Ricky James
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Alvarez, Arik
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Moore, Bryan Willington
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Garcia Morales, Isaias
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Leyva, Alejandro Jose
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Smith, Christopher Alan
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Rivera, Katlyn CANDIDA
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Romero Ramos, Ramon E
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Steighner, Connie Dee
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Rivera Salicrup, Laura Andrea
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Miranda, Juan Emilio
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Sylveste, Kelly
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Aviles, Oliver Romero
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Robinson, Zaniah Artrise
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Joseph, Elnathan D
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida - Vs - Jean, Livio
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida - Vs - Curinton, Charles Bernard
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida - Vs - Ferraro, Victoria Kathryn
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida vs. Erwin, Johnathon Allen
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida vs. Erwin, Johnathon Allen
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida vs. Joubran, Mohamed HUSEIN
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida vs. Connolly, Christopher
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida vs. Aviles, RICARDO Antonio
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida vs. THEUS, Maxime
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida vs. Widick, Gabriel James
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida vs. Williams, Valecia Deshaenon
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida vs. Leon, Berta
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida vs. Bracetti Diaz, Christian Davier
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida vs. Matta, Robert Luis
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida - Vs - Glover, Antonio
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida - Vs - Glover, Antonio
Florida2019-11-03State of Florida vs. Garcia Escobar, Jairo David
Florida2019-11-03State of Florida vs. De La Torre Gonzalez, Hignio Belivor
Florida2019-11-03State of Florida vs. Chan, Ronnie
Florida2019-11-03State of Florida vs. Erwin, Johnathon Allen
Florida2019-11-03State of Florida vs. Gomez Coshuet, AGUSTIN
Florida2019-11-03State of Florida vs. Bozeman, Courtney Leigh
Florida2019-11-03State of Florida vs. Haimraj, Naresh H
Florida2019-11-03State of Florida vs. Chunilall, Dwayne Erik
Florida2019-11-03State of Florida vs. Hernandez, JUSTIN Taylor
Florida2019-11-02State of Florida vs. Maradiaga Mateo, BLANCA
Florida2019-11-02State of Florida vs. Estiwer, Wilmer
Florida2019-11-02State of Florida vs. Herbas Gutierrez, Maria Ines
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Cruz, ARCADIO Iii
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Mekuria, Wubishet Abebe
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Riverasantiago, Jose Alberto
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Davis, Jequante Tyrek
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Gomez, Jezebel Celeste
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Hernandez Martinez, Enmanuel
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Rodriguez, Pablo Ernesto
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Manzanares, Alma Gabriela
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Rolling, Jimmy Lee
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Roberts, Vishaen
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida vs. Robleroperez, Tereso Anacleto
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida vs. Marschner Hager, Haroldo Claudio
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida vs. Marschner Hager, Haroldo Claudio
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida vs. Walker, Michelle Leah
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida vs. Lopez, Jose Luis, Jr
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Mosher, Heather Danielle
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Rotella, Joseph Samuel
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Pierre, Paul Edson Junior
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Zapata, Vincent
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Lazaro Rodas, Jose Manuel
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Marquez, Ann Joan
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Clairrobrun, Tamara Alisha
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Paldino, Christian Edward CYRUS
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Murphy, Andrew Michael
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Hernandez Gomez, Isaias
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida - Vs - Miller, Davontaye L
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida - Vs - FONSECA, CAROLYN
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida - Vs - Baptiste, Kambri Alexcia
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida - Vs - Howell, Joshua
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida vs. Ruiz, Nicolas
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida vs. Vazquez, Ruben
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida - Vs - Almeida, Vladimiro
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida - Vs - Charite, Vita Ashley
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida - Vs - Harrison, Germaine Yevette
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida - Vs - Bacon, Terence Demarion Tremon
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Smith, Keiran Danard
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Monegro, Miguel Alexander
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Mena, Didiel Josue
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Ortiz, Giselle Damaris
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Rini, Vincent James
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Wilson, Pakarcia Tiare
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Moody, Brian O'Shawn Jermaine
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Webb, Reginald CORNELIUS
Florida2019-10-27State of Florida vs. Lopez Escobar, Francisco
Florida2019-10-27State of Florida vs. Nguyen, Quang Minh
Florida2019-10-27State of Florida vs. Rosario, Jeremy Lee
Florida2019-10-27State of Florida vs. Shumsky, Kayleigh Elizabeth
Florida2019-10-26State of Florida vs. Donis, Misael Lopez
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida - Vs - McVay, Rickey
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida - Vs - Rios, JUSTIN Armando
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Morejon Villafana, Yurian
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Morejon Villafana, Yurian
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Nieto, Wilfredo
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Reyes, Miguel Angel
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Reyes, Miguel Angel
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Cruz, Ramon Luis
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida - Vs - Pierre, Kenson Stanley Robens
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida - Vs - Grimison, Rachel Bottin
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida - Vs - Helmadollar, Richard Steven
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida - Vs - Francis, Dlana D
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida vs. McDermott, Chelsea Alexsis-Marie
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida - Vs - Bridgewater, Keno
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida vs. Sanchez Morales, Jose Rafael
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida - Vs - Santos CABALLERO, Karla Michelle
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida - Vs - Joseph, Celeste Taliyah
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida - Vs - Gonzalez, Christina Esmeralda
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida - Vs - Herron, Dericka Dariona
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida - Vs - Cintron, Hector Miguel
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida - Vs - Asher, Diane Marie
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida - Vs - Pile, Stephanie Teresa
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida vs. Ricks, Crystal Anne
Florida2019-10-19State of Florida vs. Centore, Anthony Italo
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida vs. Sutton, Shawn DECARLO Bailey
Florida2019-10-17State of Florida - Vs - Perez, Shantel Angie
Florida2019-10-17State of Florida - Vs - Reyes-Cottes, CARLOS Radames
Florida2019-10-17State of Florida - Vs - Lebron, Omaira
Florida2019-10-17State of Florida - Vs - Hennemann, Alyssa
Florida2019-10-11State of Florida vs. Guevara Rivera, Jaime Isaac
Florida2019-10-10State of Florida vs. Lopez CARDONA, Yuri Gudith
Florida2019-10-10State of Florida vs. Teofilo, Miranda Lopez
Florida2019-10-10State of Florida vs. Pascual, Miguel
Florida2019-10-08State of Florida vs. Lagree, Larry Neal
Florida2019-10-04State of Florida vs. Perez, Arturo Mendez
Florida2019-10-01State of Florida vs. Masselli, Michael Richard
Florida2019-10-01State of Florida vs. Espinoza, Roen Germaine
Florida2019-10-01State of Florida vs. Kelley, SUSANNAH Schwaab
Florida2019-10-01State of Florida vs. Arnold, Sedrick Deon
Florida2019-10-01State of Florida vs. Brokke, Kathryn Rose
Florida2019-09-26State of Florida vs. Brenner, Michael Phillip
Florida2019-09-26State of Florida vs. Santos Da Cruz, Julia
Florida2019-09-24State of Florida vs. Harris, Christopher Shawn
Florida2019-09-24State of Florida vs. Regalado Mendoza, JESSICA
Florida2019-09-20State of Florida - Vs - Jackson, Will Henry
Florida2019-09-19State of Florida vs. Hurtado Villalobos, Victor Manuelle
Florida2019-09-19State of Florida - Vs - Finley, Jeffery Wayne
Florida2019-09-19State of Florida - Vs - Burke, Jerome
Florida2019-09-19State of Florida vs. Robinson, Reginald, Jr
Florida2019-09-19State of Florida vs. Pillot, Charlene
Florida2019-09-19State of Florida vs. Pillot, Charlene
Florida2019-09-18State of Florida vs. Dillman, David J
Florida2019-09-18State of Florida vs. Hernandez, Delio
Florida2019-09-18State of Florida vs. Gonzalez Rubio, Laureano Gumer
Florida2019-09-18State of Florida vs. Tirado, Jaime Ernesto
Florida2019-09-17State of Florida vs. Bruce, Danielle Marie
Florida2019-09-17State of Florida vs. Amador Jimenez, Joel
Florida2019-09-17State of Florida vs. Lemmer, Kerry Diane
Florida2019-09-17State of Florida vs. Diaz, Endry Yahaira
Florida2019-09-17State of Florida - Vs - Blue, CARLOS Antonio
Florida2019-09-17State of Florida - Vs - Booth, Ronald Wayne
Florida2019-09-16State of Florida - Vs - Jones, Ellis
Florida2019-09-16State of Florida - Vs - CARRILLO, Brian
Florida2019-09-16State of Florida vs. Bianchi, Kevin Jose
Florida2019-09-16State of Florida vs. Hernandez, Roberto Recinos
Florida2019-09-16State of Florida vs. Branham, Christopher J
Florida2019-09-16State of Florida vs. Kelly, Vincent Maurice
Florida2019-09-16State of Florida vs. Balbino Dos Santos, Claudio
Florida2019-09-16State of Florida vs. Colon, Danny Daniel
Florida2019-09-16State of Florida - Vs - Forshee, Michael David, Ii
Florida2019-09-16State of Florida - Vs - Green, Arthur
Florida2019-09-15State of Florida - Vs - King, John, Ii
Florida2019-09-15State of Florida - Vs - Franklin, Nathan Lloyd
Florida2019-09-15State of Florida vs. Phillips, Todd H
Florida2019-09-15State of Florida - Vs - Roland, Bobby Lee
Florida2019-09-15State of Florida - Vs - Singleton, Willie Don
Florida2019-09-13State of Florida - Vs - Smith, Mark
Florida2019-09-13State of Florida vs. Johnson, Kristal Nicole
Florida2019-09-13State of Florida vs. Delgado Perez, Andres Eduardo
Florida2019-09-13State of Florida vs. Bowser, Christopher Bryan
Florida2019-09-13State of Florida vs. Escudero, BIANCA Marie
Florida2019-09-13State of Florida vs. Gamez, LUCAS Daniel
Florida2019-09-13State of Florida vs. Borges, Dylan Alexander
Florida2019-09-13State of Florida vs. Boyed, Gregory Hasan
Florida2019-09-13State of Florida - Vs - McGeath, Jeffery Howard
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida - Vs - McMillan, Terrence Terrell
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida - Vs - Attebury, Joshua M
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida - Vs - Watkins, Keith Thomas
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida - Vs - McGeath, Jeffery Howard
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida - Vs - McMillian, Linda
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida - Vs - Irby, Shakeel Najee
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida vs. Vargas Quinones, CARLOS Alberto
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida vs. Vega Gonzalez, Genesis Elena
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida vs. Moyers, Jacob Nylin
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida vs. Soto Vega, Lourdes J
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida vs. Gonzales Ventura, Gerson Donay
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida vs. Bieberstein, Clifford Karl, Ii
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida - Vs - Lamar, Ray Anthony
Florida2019-09-11State of Florida - Vs - Orrand, Jaimi Malieke
Florida2019-09-11State of Florida vs. Ramsey-Shafer, CARL Lee Junior
Florida2019-09-11State of Florida vs. Melendez, Guillermo Antonio
Florida2019-09-11State of Florida vs. Salinas Duarte, Santos Berlin
Florida2019-09-11State of Florida vs. Pinto Rivas, Jose Danilo
Florida2019-09-11State of Florida - Vs - Sanders, James W
Florida2019-09-10State of Florida vs. Harris, Rashid
Florida2019-09-10State of Florida vs. Rosell, Julio Jonathan
Florida2019-09-10State of Florida vs. Thompson, Brandon Michael C
Florida2019-09-10State of Florida vs. Moore, Cheyenne Margaret
Florida2019-09-10State of Florida vs. Reyes, Richard Orlando
Florida2019-09-10State of Florida vs. Newton, Brandon Dwyght Malcolm J
Florida2019-09-10State of Florida vs. Smith, Ja'roderick La'todd
Florida2019-09-10State of Florida vs. Heath, Lashawn Denise
Florida2019-09-10State of Florida - Vs - Wright, Kadeem Vonn
Florida2019-09-10State of Florida - Vs - Garcia Acosta, Chantall A
Florida2019-09-10State of Florida - Vs - Huffsmith, Janet
Florida2019-09-09State of Florida - Vs - Washington, Lazetta Cecilia
Florida2019-09-09State of Florida - Vs - Stevens, Jayden R
Florida2019-09-09State of Florida vs. Torres Ortiz, Cristopher Ranel
Florida2019-09-09State of Florida vs. Griffin, Mary Jarleshia
Florida2019-09-09State of Florida vs. Garcia, Teresita
Florida2019-09-09State of Florida vs. Fair, Clinton Arnell
Florida2019-09-09State of Florida vs. Powers, Cherri Leigh
Florida2019-09-09State of Florida - Vs - Law, Kristan A
Florida2019-09-08State of Florida - Vs - Lamar, Isiah Jerome
Florida2019-09-08State of Florida - Vs - SCARLETT, Tonell
Florida2019-09-06State of Florida - Vs - Mangum, Armand Xavier
Florida2019-09-06State of Florida - Vs - Pearson, Clinton MARCELLUS
Florida2019-09-06State of Florida - Vs - Spell, Lorenzo Trumaine Lamar
Florida2019-09-06State of Florida vs. Degramond, Jude
Florida2019-09-06State of Florida vs. Joseph, Maggie
Florida2019-09-06State of Florida vs. Collins, Amanda Lee
Florida2019-09-06State of Florida vs. Hadley, Raymond B
Florida2019-09-06State of Florida vs. Proulx-Ays, Brittany Nicole