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Florida2023-03-22State Of Florida Vs Perry, Leon Lenard
Florida2023-03-21State Of Florida Vs Barbosa Melendez, Kenneth
Florida2023-03-14State Of Florida Vs Baker, Wilbert Eugene
Florida2023-03-14State Of Florida Vs Love, Cordavius Tyrell
Florida2023-03-10State Of Florida Vs Perry, Robert James
Florida2023-03-09State Of Florida Vs Smith, Bryant Keith, Jr
Florida2023-03-08State Of Florida Vs Cruceta, John Luis
Florida2023-03-08State Of Florida Vs Gopi Charuvila, Sethuram Veedu
Florida2023-03-08State Of Florida Vs Rani, Mita
Florida2023-03-08State Of Florida Vs Hill, Isiah
Florida2023-03-07State Of Florida Vs Oliver, Clayton Robert
Florida2023-03-05State Of Florida Vs Scaglione, Jeanine
Florida2023-03-05State Of Florida Vs Jones, Reggie Lamar
Florida2023-03-04State Of Florida Vs Tritch, Lisa Michelle
Florida2023-03-04State Of Florida Vs Reynolds, Shelby
Florida2023-03-03State Of Florida Vs Powell, Keaton
Florida2023-03-03State Of Florida Vs Lopez, Misaci
Florida2023-03-03State Of Florida Vs Moscoso Brito, Joan Manuel
Florida2023-03-02State Of Florida Vs Staplton, Briannah Ashaun Nechelle
Florida2023-03-02State Of Florida Vs Garcia, Jennifer
Florida2023-03-02State Of Florida Vs Mejia Castanon, Antonio Felicano
Florida2023-02-28State Of Florida Vs Peace, Royce David
Florida2023-02-28State Of Florida Vs Llivicura Merchan, Klever Edmundo
Florida2023-02-27State Of Florida Vs Cooper, Malcom Xavier
Florida2023-02-27State Of Florida Vs Garciaguzman, Josean
Florida2023-02-26State Of Florida Vs Nobles, Terrell Alexander
Florida2023-02-24State Of Florida Vs Padilla, Jason Gavin
Florida2023-02-24State Of Florida Vs Rodriguez, Beatriz
Florida2023-02-24State Of Florida Vs Walters, Eric Pagon
Florida2023-02-23State Of Florida Vs Lee, Terrance Terrell
Florida2023-02-22State Of Florida Vs Stern, Zachary Samuel
Florida2023-02-21State Of Florida Vs Desir, Francis
Florida2023-02-21State Of Florida Vs Wells, Tiere Jovan
Florida2023-02-21State Of Florida Vs Price, Rebecca Renee
Florida2023-02-21State Of Florida Vs Pancham, Dirpaul
Florida2023-02-20State Of Florida Vs Byous, Frank Wayne, Jr
Florida2023-02-20State Of Florida Vs Rigual Munoz, Jorge
Florida2023-02-20State Of Florida Vs Santos, Jacob Thomas
Florida2023-02-19State Of Florida Vs Robinson, India Marie
Florida2023-02-18State Of Florida Vs Quick, Richard
Florida2023-02-18State Of Florida Vs Warren, Nicky Elaine
Florida2023-02-17State Of Florida Vs Wilson, Donell G
Florida2023-02-16State Of Florida Vs Powell, Alonzo, Jr
Florida2023-02-16State Of Florida Vs Coulter, Henry Lewis
Florida2023-02-13State Of Florida Vs Rorer, Christopher D
Florida2023-02-12State Of Florida Vs Guevera, Thalia Nehelle
Florida2023-02-09State Of Florida Vs Spencer, Robert, Iii
Florida2023-02-06State Of Florida Vs Clark, Marcellus
Florida2023-02-05State Of Florida Vs Moore, Eric James
Florida2023-02-04State Of Florida Vs Mcintosh, Julian
Florida2023-02-04State Of Florida Vs Gainey, Daniel Mark
Florida2023-02-03State Of Florida Vs Hall, Serita Diondrae
Florida2023-02-02State Of Florida Vs Colsun, Jaylen
Florida2023-02-02State Of Florida Vs Farmer, Tyler Aaron
Florida2023-02-01State Of Florida Vs Hoover, Dennis D
Florida2023-01-28State Of Florida Vs Roderick, Stafford Maurice
Florida2023-01-26State Of Florida Vs Ortiz, Milayma
Florida2023-01-26State Of Florida Vs Sukhdeo, Kenrick
Florida2023-01-26State Of Florida Vs Evans, Bryan Durell
Florida2023-01-25State Of Florida Vs Shaw, Tanisha Renee
Florida2023-01-25State Of Florida Vs Defrancisco, Joseph John
Florida2023-01-25State Of Florida Vs Flores, Willie James
Florida2023-01-23State Of Florida Vs Miller, Xion Josiah
Florida2023-01-23State Of Florida Vs Gutierrez, Christian Samuel
Florida2023-01-22State Of Florida Vs Agosto, Destinee Marie
Florida2023-01-22State Of Florida Vs Robinson, Justin Anthony
Florida2023-01-22State Of Florida Vs Velascogomez, Bersain
Florida2023-01-20State Of Florida Vs Aguirre, Alan Alexis
Florida2023-01-20State Of Florida Vs Sherman, Desiree
Florida2023-01-20State Of Florida Vs Salinas, Celicia Ivy
Florida2023-01-19State Of Florida Vs Remizio Vaz, Evandro
Florida2023-01-19State Of Florida Vs Rolle, Victor
Florida2023-01-19State Of Florida Vs Holmes, Deontre
Florida2023-01-18State Of Florida Vs Shefield, Jeffery
Florida2023-01-18State Of Florida Vs Washington, Tawanna Fujitie
Florida2023-01-17State Of Florida Vs Rengifo, Andrei
Florida2023-01-16State Of Florida Vs Rodriguez, Tiffany Melody
Florida2023-01-15State Of Florida Vs Chen, Marcel Marco
Florida2023-01-12State Of Florida Vs Perez Mendoza, Aryam Lemmuel
Florida2023-01-12State Of Florida Vs Alcantara, Angel Javier
Florida2023-01-12State Of Florida Vs Neil, Jason Matthew
Florida2023-01-11State Of Florida Vs Woodson, Rachel L
Florida2023-01-11State Of Florida Vs Alvarado Valdez, Yoxer
Florida2023-01-11State Of Florida Vs Perez, Odin Miguel
Florida2023-01-10State Of Florida Vs Diaz, Chad Christopher
Florida2023-01-10State Of Florida Vs Karic, Zlatan
Florida2023-01-10State Of Florida Vs Williams, Gerald Steven
Florida2023-01-09State Of Florida Vs Austin, Michael Lee
Florida2023-01-09State Of Florida Vs Jones, Barbara Jeans
Florida2023-01-08State Of Florida Vs Lovesmith, Erica Marina
Florida2023-01-03State Of Florida Vs Petite Frere, Tad
Florida2023-01-03State Of Florida Vs Redding, Gerica Denise
Florida2023-01-02State Of Florida Vs Candelier, Jonathan De Leon
Florida2023-01-02Print 2023 Mo 000006 A O State Of Florida Vs West, George James, Jr
Florida2023-01-02Print 2023 Mo 000009 A O State Of Florida Vs Izquierdo, Lazaro Ariel
Florida2023-01-01State Of Florida Vs Figueroa, Christopher
Florida2022-12-30State Of Florida Vs Akins, Reggie Are Nell, Jr
Florida2022-12-28State Of Florida Vs Falor, John
Florida2022-12-27State Of Florida Vs Satizabalmartinez, Camilo Andres
Florida2022-12-21State Of Florida Vs Brodus, Cornelius B
Florida2022-12-21State Of Florida Vs Andrews, Gregory Eugene
Florida2022-12-18State Of Florida Vs Cruz, Jose Andres
Florida2022-12-16Print 2022 In 000095 A A State Of Florida Vs Trujillo Brown, Adrian Ricardo
Florida2022-12-15State Of Florida Vs Rivera, Alfredo
Florida2022-12-14State Of Florida Vs Strickland, Emmanuel Batholomew
Florida2022-12-13State Of Florida Vs Mcnutt, Domonike Tranee
Florida2022-12-12State Of Florida Vs Moore, Jacque Jimmiel
Florida2022-12-11State Of Florida Vs Elliott, Dequan Latiefe
Florida2022-12-11State Of Florida Vs Moore, Michael Leonardo
Florida2022-12-07State Of Florida Vs Brown, Donarld M, Jr
Florida2022-12-01State Of Florida Vs Gomez Diaz, Sergio
Florida2022-12-01Print 2022 In 000076 A A State Of Florida Vs Haines, William Otis
Florida2022-12-01Print 2022 In 000079 A A State Of Florida Vs Phoenix, Isaiah Jashaun
Florida2022-11-29State Of Florida Vs Conrad, Zachery William Lee
Florida2022-11-28State Of Florida Vs Jones, Stephanie Michelle
Florida2022-11-27State Of Florida Vs Lugo, Isaiah Luis
Florida2022-11-26State Of Florida Vs Kemp, Wasi Malikmichael
Florida2022-11-23State Of Florida Vs Belcher, Jerry
Florida2022-11-04Print 2022 In 000072 A A State Of Florida Vs Perez Juarez, Allan Steven
Florida2022-10-13State Of Florida Vs Caruso, Richard Anthony
Florida2022-10-10State Of Florida Vs Negron Delgado, Juan Antonio
Florida2022-10-10State Of Florida Vs Gongora Forero, Julian
Florida2022-10-10State Of Florida Vs Kendall, Joseph Ainsworth
Florida2022-10-10State Of Florida Vs Zapata, Luis F
Florida2022-10-07State Of Florida Vs Thacker, Billy Boyd
Florida2022-10-07State Of Florida Vs Bradford, Middleton Rutledge
Florida2022-10-06State Of Florida Vs Holdrieth, Jake M
Florida2022-09-21State Of Florida Vs Bradford, Yuri Tyana
Florida2022-09-21State Of Florida Vs Fraire, Oliver Jeshua
Florida2022-09-21State Of Florida Vs Almeida Bie, Robson Augusto
Florida2022-09-19State Of Florida Vs Ortizdiaz, Francisco
Florida2022-09-16State Of Florida Vs Gonzalez Gonzalez, Jeryel
Florida2022-09-15State Of Florida Vs Petkov, Dennis N
Florida2022-09-12Print 2022 In 000631 A O State Of Florida Vs Chavez Diaz, Mainor Josue
Florida2022-09-09Print 2022 In 000611 A O State Of Florida Vs Torres, Mark Anthony
Florida2022-09-09Print 2022 In 000622 A O State Of Florida Vs Perkins, Terry Banard
Florida2022-09-09Print 2022 In 000625 A O State Of Florida Vs Bemish, Zachary Charles
Florida2022-09-03State Of Florida Vs Mcrae, Ronda
Florida2022-08-26Print 2022 In 000587 A O State Of Florida Vs Estrada Reyes, Adrian
Florida2022-08-26Print 2022 In 000592 A O State Of Florida Vs Dejesusoquendo, Emmanuell
Florida2022-08-25State Of Florida Vs Swank, Tyler
Florida2022-08-24State Of Florida Vs Clark, Paul Jr
Florida2022-08-22State Of Florida Vs Rome, Anthony Paul
Florida2022-08-22State Of Florida Vs Swain, Eldric T.
Florida2022-08-21State Of Florida Vs Mcadoo, Richard David
Florida2022-08-19Print 2022 In 000551 A O State Of Florida Vs Ortiz Nadal, Keniel
Florida2022-08-19Print 2022 In 000563 A O State Of Florida Vs Cordero Alvarez, Jerime Jessette
Florida2022-08-14State Of Florida Vs Reeves, Brian Douglas
Florida2022-08-12State Of Florida Vs West, Johnny Lee
Florida2022-08-09State Of Florida Vs Watkins, Keith Thomas
Florida2022-08-08State Of Florida Vs Alexander, Kadesha
Florida2022-08-06State Of Florida Vs Bello, Mia Grace
Florida2022-08-05State Of Florida Vs Faaloua, Robert Naumati
Florida2022-08-05Print 2022 In 000534 A O State Of Florida Vs Palmar Chaparro, Diego Andres
Florida2022-08-03State Of Florida Vs Sewell, Gabriel Allen
Florida2022-07-29Print 2022 In 000511 A O State Of Florida Vs Ruiz, Francisco Javier
Florida2022-07-29Print 2022 In 000513 A O State Of Florida Vs Alpers, Garret Ryan
Florida2022-07-25Print 2022 In 000502 A O State Of Florida Vs Ramirez, Frank J
Florida2022-07-21Print 2022 In 000486 A O State Of Florida Vs Rojas Alban, Carlos Alberto
Florida2022-07-11State Of Florida Vs Fitzpatrick, Mark Allen
Florida2022-07-11State of Florida - Vs - Mendez-Quiles, Naijelly Marie
Florida2022-07-11Print 2022 In 000448 A O State Of Florida Vs Manaure Pereira, Nelson Daniel
Florida2022-07-11Print 2022 In 000450 A O State Of Florida Vs Rojas Terraza, Luis Fernando
Florida2022-07-11Print 2022 In 000460 A O State Of Florida Vs Nguyen, Long Khanh
Florida2022-07-06Print 2022-IN-000027-A-A STATE OF FLORIDA - VS - MURPHY, EDWARD JOHN
Florida2022-07-01State of Florida - Vs - AUSTIN, John Manning, Jr
Florida2022-06-24State of Florida - Vs - Belloni, Gabriel CANDIDO
Florida2022-06-18State of Florida - Vs - Pizarrorodriguez, Edwin
Florida2022-06-17State of Florida - Vs - Allen, Robert
Florida2022-06-17State of Florida - Vs - Vieira, Deiverson Desouza
Florida2022-06-17State of Florida - Vs - Rinconvillalobos, Michel Jose
Florida2022-06-17State of Florida - Vs - GUSMAOLIMA, Daniel Felisberto
Florida2022-06-16State of Florida - Vs - Cobianreyes, Daniel Alderbaran Marlon
Florida2022-06-15State Of Florida Vs Watkins, Lonnie Shaundion
Florida2022-06-12State Of Florida Vs Brown, Jerald
Florida2022-06-12State Of Florida Vs Mosley, Anthony
Florida2022-06-07State of Florida - Vs - Adriangonzalez, Emilio Alberto
Florida2022-06-06State Of Florida Vs Fernandez, Sebastian Luismartin
Florida2022-06-03State of Florida - Vs - Le, Loc Phuc
Florida2022-06-03State Of Florida Vs Flowers, Jaden Allen
Florida2022-06-03State of Florida - Vs - Dasilva, Eduardo FELIPECASTRO
Florida2022-06-01State Of Florida Vs Bohorquez, Frankie Avellon
Florida2022-05-31State Of Florida Vs Barnes, Joshua Curtis
Florida2022-05-31State Of Florida Vs Hornsby, Erica Jean
Florida2022-05-28State Of Florida Vs Jones, Deshawn Anthony
Florida2022-05-27State Of Florida Vs Walker, Marce Bashandshaquan
Florida2022-05-27State of Florida - Vs - CARRILLO-VIVAS, Alejandro Rafael
Florida2022-05-23State Of Florida Vs Howze, Reginal
Florida2022-05-22State Of Florida Vs Clark, Marcellus
Florida2022-05-22State Of Florida Vs Julius, Jalen Jamal
Florida2022-05-20State Of Florida Vs Strickland, Emmanuel Bartholomew
Florida2022-05-19State of Florida - Vs - Wharton, Dominique L
Florida2022-05-19State of Florida - Vs - Wharton, Dominique L
Florida2022-05-16State Of Florida Vs Hinton, Kiero
Florida2022-05-13State Of Florida Vs Hoover, Dennis D
Florida2022-05-13State Of Florida Vs Lamar, Raymond Lamar
Florida2022-05-13State of Florida - Vs - Valbuena Atencio, Angel Alberto
Florida2022-05-13State of Florida - Vs - Montanez, Erik Anthony
Florida2022-05-11State of Florida - Vs - Bothwell, Tristan Tyler
Florida2022-05-08State Of Florida Vs Cain, Mark
Florida2022-05-07State Of Florida Vs Dean, Phillip Warren
Florida2022-05-07State Of Florida Vs Vickers, Charles
Florida2022-05-06State of Florida - Vs - Vargas, Jose Alexander
Florida2022-05-06State of Florida - Vs - Mosquera, CARLOS Felipe
Florida2022-05-02State of Florida - Vs - Tuap, Benjamin Charles
Florida2022-04-30State Of Florida Vs Franklin, Williams
Florida2022-04-29State of Florida - Vs - Reyes, Edison
Florida2022-04-29State of Florida - Vs - Torres, Angel Manuel
Florida2022-04-29State of Florida - Vs - Rosadogarcia, Chavier Manuel
Florida2022-04-29State of Florida - Vs - CASANOVA Ortiz, Jovan Gabriel
Florida2022-04-27State of Florida - Vs - Presley, Matthew Dwight
Florida2022-04-26State of Florida - Vs - Wells, DARIUS Lorenzo
Florida2022-04-26State of Florida - Vs - Timms, Zhaniqua Zhane
Florida2022-04-25State Of Florida Vs Ellenburg, Peter Karl
Florida2022-04-23State Of Florida Vs Hudgins, Raynall William
Florida2022-04-22State Of Florida Vs Garza, Alexander
Florida2022-04-22State of Florida - Vs - Matos Sintron, Jose Angel
Florida2022-04-22State of Florida - Vs - Nieves, Alexis
Florida2022-04-18State of Florida - Vs - Saultz, Chad Richard, Jr
Florida2022-04-18State Of Florida Vs Maisonet Lopez, Jesus Manuel
Florida2022-04-16State Of Florida Vs Morgan, Lashunda
Florida2022-04-14State of Florida - Vs - Sanchez Silva, Heriberto
Florida2022-04-11State Of Florida Vs Terry, Keith
Florida2022-04-08State of Florida - Vs - White, Adrian Jubal
Florida2022-04-07State Of Florida Vs Lozano, Justin Matthew
Florida2022-04-07State of Florida - Vs - Arrellano, Alejandro
Florida2022-04-07State of Florida - Vs - Johnson, Taylor Dandre
Florida2022-04-04State of Florida - Vs - Clements, Jerry Lee, Ii
Florida2022-04-02State Of Florida Vs Lenoci, Danielle N
Florida2022-04-01State Of Florida Vs Murrillo, Michael
Florida2022-04-01State Of Florida Vs Carroll, Roman Joshua
Florida2022-03-31State of Florida - Vs - Gacres Martinez, Andres Felipe
Florida2022-03-30State Of Florida Vs Rosadocintron, Fernando
Florida2022-03-30State Of Florida Vs Romeromolina, Barbara Trinida
Florida2022-03-29State Of Florida Vs Thompson, Tyrone
Florida2022-03-29State of Florida - Vs - Henson, Hunter Westin
Florida2022-03-24State Of Florida Vs Mataverdi, Andres Eduardo
Florida2022-03-19Print 2022 Mo 000401 A O State Of Florida Vs Figueroa, Nelson
Florida2022-03-18State Of Florida Vs Webb, Howard E
Florida2022-03-18State Of Florida Vs Whitethorpe, Uchechukw K
Florida2022-03-18State Of Florida Vs Boswell, Charles Clayton
Florida2022-03-14State Of Florida Vs Burnett, Darrell Lovell
Florida2022-03-14State Of Florida Vs Medina, Mario Hahir
Florida2022-03-09State Of Florida Vs Mead, Molli Miller
Florida2022-03-05State Of Florida Vs Randall, Donald Lamar
Florida2022-03-04State Of Florida Vs Nichols, Pamela Joyce
Florida2022-03-04State Of Florida Vs Thompson, Carlos Devone
Florida2022-03-04State Of Florida Vs Ventura Marquez, Alexador
Florida2022-03-03State Of Florida Vs Hoover, Dennis Dwayne
Florida2022-03-03State Of Florida Vs Roberts, Sharon
Florida2022-03-02State Of Florida Vs Mendez, Adriana
Florida2022-03-01State Of Florida Vs Saturini Andre, Marina
Florida2022-03-01State Of Florida Vs Saturini Andre, Marina
Florida2022-02-28Print 2022 Mo 000252 A O State Of Florida Vs Nickerson, Clinton
Florida2022-02-27Print 2022 Mo 000243 A O State Of Florida Vs Swanger, Jarred Aldon
Florida2022-02-26Print 2022 Mo 000231 A O State Of Florida Vs Clark, Paul
Florida2022-02-26Print 2022 Mo 000239 A O State Of Florida Vs Strickland, Emmanuel
Florida2022-02-25State Of Florida Vs Ramos, Kristian Moises
Florida2022-02-22State Of Florida Vs Herrera Guerrero, Rolando
Florida2022-02-21State Of Florida Vs Robinson, Kerone T
Florida2022-02-13State Of Florida Vs Diaz, Chad Christopher
Florida2022-02-11State Of Florida Vs Hawkins, Travis
Florida2022-02-09State Of Florida Vs Dews, Richard, Iv
Florida2022-02-08State of Florida - Vs - Ortiz Torres, Ezequiel
Florida2022-02-07Print 2022 Mo 000156 A O State Of Florida Vs Ramcharitar, Anil
Florida2022-02-05State Of Florida Vs Vidalmunoz, Francesc
Florida2022-02-01State Of Florida Vs Flores, Willie James
Florida2022-01-31Print 2022 Mo 000130 A O State Of Florida Vs Soto, Julisa A
Florida2022-01-29Print 2022 Mo 000124 A O State Of Florida Vs Luna, William
Florida2022-01-28Print 2022 Mo 000121 A O State Of Florida Vs Campbell, James Mike
Florida2022-01-28Print 2022 Mo 000122 A O State Of Florida Vs Homen, George M
Florida2022-01-25Print 2022 Mo 000111 A O State Of Florida Vs Brunson, Diamond Demetrius
Florida2022-01-24State Of Florida Vs Corbitt, Tucker Curtis
Florida2022-01-24State Of Florida Vs Tellman, Robert Arnett
Florida2022-01-24Print 2022 Mo 000102 A O State Of Florida Vs Tolozano, Julius Alexis
Florida2022-01-21State Of Florida Vs Armstrong, Matthew Beck
Florida2022-01-20Print 2022 Mo 000083 A O State Of Florida Vs Fannin, Thomas James
Florida2022-01-19Print 2022 Mo 000082 A O State Of Florida Vs Chen, Yau Kam
Florida2022-01-17Print 2022 Mo 000078 A O State Of Florida Vs Neyhart, Christopher Jay
Florida2022-01-14Print 2022 Mo 000058 A O State Of Florida Vs Jackson, Bruce A
Florida2022-01-12Print 2022 Mo 000050 A O State Of Florida Vs Pazflores, Giovanni
Florida2022-01-12Print 2022 Mo 000062 A O State Of Florida Vs Schuyler, Noel Alan
Florida2022-01-10Print 2022 Mo 000040 A O State Of Florida Vs Velez, Francisco
Florida2022-01-08Print 2022 Mo 000035 A O State Of Florida Vs Madison, Michael Beraux
Florida2022-01-05Print 2022 Mo 000028 A O State Of Florida Vs Pulce, David John
Florida2022-01-03Print 2022 Mo 000023 A O State Of Florida Vs Rozario, Himel T
Florida2022-01-02Print 2022 Mo 000015 A O State Of Florida Vs Nguyen, Tuan N
Florida2022-01-01Print 2022 Mo 000008 A O State Of Florida Vs Simmons, Cecil P
Florida2021-12-30State Of Florida Vs Clay, Markeisha L
Florida2021-12-29State Of Florida Vs Franklin, Nathan Lloyd
Florida2021-12-29State Of Florida Vs Way, Felipe Miguel
Florida2021-12-28State Of Florida Vs Leblanc, Gyles Joseph
Florida2021-12-28State Of Florida Vs Deneault, Corey Matthew
Florida2021-12-28State Of Florida Vs Dalessio, Danielle Christine
Florida2021-12-28State Of Florida Vs Mitchell, Patrick
Florida2021-12-28State Of Florida Vs Diaz, Diego Manuel
Florida2021-12-28State Of Florida Vs Hernandez, Jordan Joseph
Florida2021-12-28State Of Florida Vs Yakovkin, Mykola
Florida2021-12-28State Of Florida Vs Fernandez, Sebastian Luismartin
Florida2021-12-27State Of Florida Vs Quintero, Roberto Gabriel
Florida2021-12-27State Of Florida Vs Fery, Beth Michelle
Florida2021-12-27State Of Florida Vs Harris, Robert
Florida2021-12-26State Of Florida Vs Lindsey, Darrol
Florida2021-12-25State Of Florida Vs Antoine, Jean Dumesle
Florida2021-12-23State Of Florida Vs Lymon, Timothy Dewayne
Florida2021-12-22State Of Florida Vs Cosmos, Robert M
Florida2021-12-20State Of Florida Vs Rosario, Crystal
Florida2021-12-19State Of Florida Vs Klumb, Stefan A
Florida2021-12-17State Of Florida Vs Gonzalez, Ismael
Florida2021-12-17State Of Florida Vs Burns, David John
Florida2021-12-17State Of Florida Vs Rescendez, Carlos
Florida2021-12-16State Of Florida Vs Matos, Robert Rendiles
Florida2021-12-11State Of Florida Vs Edwards, Nicholas Anthony
Florida2021-12-08State Of Florida Vs Johnson, John Carl
Florida2021-12-07State Of Florida Vs Barnes, Tracy
Florida2021-12-07State Of Florida Vs Francis, Alex Anthony
Florida2021-12-06State Of Florida Vs Martin, Chester, Ii
Florida2021-12-06State Of Florida Vs Hardemon, Tommy
Florida2021-12-04State Of Florida Vs Sanchezanzalota, Hector Manuel
Florida2021-12-04State Of Florida Vs Fox, James Allen
Florida2021-12-04State Of Florida Vs Webber, Juliana R
Florida2021-12-03State Of Florida Vs Maldonadocabret, Isaac
Florida2021-12-03State Of Florida Vs Cain, Mark R
Florida2021-12-02State Of Florida Vs Patel, Dhruvika Priyank
Florida2021-12-01State Of Florida Vs Smith, Derrick Danyon
Florida2021-11-26State Of Florida Vs Alce, Donald Joseph
Florida2021-11-25State Of Florida Vs Freeman, Denver Randall
Florida2021-11-22State Of Florida Vs Highsmith, Marcus Melloyd
Florida2021-11-21State Of Florida Vs Thomas, Ronnie
Florida2021-11-19State Of Florida Vs Brodus, Cornelius Bernard
Florida2021-11-19State Of Florida Vs Webb, Scott Bradley
Florida2021-11-17State Of Florida Vs Romero, Darguin Alexander
Florida2021-11-16State Of Florida Vs Brewer, Joe Nathan
Florida2021-11-15State Of Florida Vs Peretta De Souza, Patrick
Florida2021-11-15State Of Florida Vs Berry, Kiara Lashun
Florida2021-11-14State Of Florida Vs Ware, Andrew Tony
Florida2021-11-14State Of Florida Vs Clark, Paul, Jr
Florida2021-11-13State Of Florida Vs Vicenio, Tony Clifford
Florida2021-11-13State Of Florida Vs Jones, Najla Sakkeha
Florida2021-11-13State Of Florida Vs Schachel, Jeffrey Michael
Florida2021-11-13State Of Florida Vs Guevara, Jonathan Kenneth
Florida2021-11-11State Of Florida Vs Hornsby, Erica Jean
Florida2021-10-29State Of Florida Vs Keaton, Antoine Demar, Jr
Florida2021-10-29State Of Florida Vs Wiliams, Keashasa
Florida2021-10-27State Of Florida Vs Dennis, Ashreil D
Florida2021-10-25State Of Florida Vs Glazewski, Kevin Michael
Florida2021-10-25State Of Florida Vs Lee, Derek
Florida2021-10-24State Of Florida Vs Borges Garcia, Carliemil
Florida2021-10-21State Of Florida Vs Thomas, Ronnie Dwane
Florida2021-10-20State Of Florida Vs Green, Anthony Lamar
Florida2021-10-18State Of Florida Vs Hopkins, Tia Shanniqua
Florida2021-10-18State Of Florida Vs Ramosfeliciano, Lorrieann
Florida2021-10-18State Of Florida Vs Virginia, Demetrus L
Florida2021-10-17State Of Florida Vs Johnson, Ryan Latrell
Florida2021-10-17State Of Florida Vs Hayward, Marquis
Florida2021-10-16State Of Florida Vs Priceabayomi, Tarra Monquie
Florida2021-10-16State Of Florida Vs Grenier, Jeramy Michael
Florida2021-10-15State Of Florida Vs Mona, Mike
Florida2021-10-15State Of Florida Vs Tran, Khai Quang
Florida2021-10-15State Of Florida Vs Prevo, Kaylan M
Florida2021-10-15State Of Florida Vs Assefa, Saafir Shalom
Florida2021-10-15State Of Florida Vs Timirchand, Randy
Florida2021-10-10State Of Florida Vs Romeu, Alex
Florida2021-10-06Print 2021 Mo 001154 A O State Of Florida Vs Clark, Paul
Florida2021-10-02Print 2021 Mo 001137 A O State Of Florida Vs Farrell, David Joseph
Florida2021-10-01State Of Florida Vs Marquez, Madelyn Evette
Florida2021-10-01State Of Florida Vs Remedios, Osmani R
Florida2021-09-29State Of Florida Vs Zelonis, Jonathan D
Florida2021-09-28State Of Florida Vs Dowling, Benjamin Peterson
Florida2021-09-13State Of Florida Vs Everette, David Keith
Florida2021-09-12State Of Florida Vs Key, Latoya Andria
Florida2021-09-09State Of Florida Vs Rodriguez, Manuel J
Florida2021-09-07State Of Florida Vs Russell, Ali A
Florida2021-09-06State Of Florida Vs Danforth, James Patrick
Florida2021-09-05State Of Florida Vs Maleev, Daniel Ivanovich
Florida2021-09-05State Of Florida Vs Torrespagan, Joelys
Florida2021-09-05State Of Florida Vs Berry, Joseph
Florida2021-09-04State Of Florida Vs Shipp, Jojo Missy
Florida2021-09-03State Of Florida Vs Logan, Jorrell Isiah
Florida2021-08-04State Of Florida Vs Hayes, Kacelle
Florida2021-08-04State Of Florida Vs Greco, Casey Anthony
Florida2021-08-03State Of Florida Vs Bagley, Myles Grant
Florida2021-08-03State Of Florida Vs Sebastian, David Joseph
Florida2021-07-17State Of Florida Vs Sandoval, Brian
Florida2021-07-16State Of Florida Vs Renta, Adam Alexi
Florida2021-07-15State Of Florida Vs Gray, Primitivo Sonito
Florida2021-07-15State Of Florida Vs Walker, Jermel
Florida2021-07-15State Of Florida Vs Scott, Julius Dejohn
Florida2021-07-15State Of Florida Vs Wilcox, Jada Arie
Florida2021-07-14State Of Florida Vs Centry, Tommy Lee, Jr
Florida2021-07-13State Of Florida Vs Jones, Laurence
Florida2021-07-13State Of Florida Vs Thompson, Floyd
Florida2021-07-13State Of Florida Vs Modi, Naseem
Florida2021-07-13State Of Florida Vs Saintval, Ashante
Florida2021-07-12State Of Florida Vs Tilme, Sidney Carvel
Florida2021-07-12State Of Florida Vs Felixleon, Jose
Florida2021-07-11State Of Florida Vs Velazquez, Fermin Arroyo, Jr
Florida2021-07-10State Of Florida Vs Rodriguez, Manuel Juan
Florida2021-07-09State Of Florida Vs Glenn, Eugene, Iii
Florida2021-05-30State Of Florida Vs Mejia, Jose Miguel
Florida2021-05-30State Of Florida Vs Cordero, Santiago
Florida2021-05-30State Of Florida Vs Echols, Marcus
Florida2021-05-29State Of Florida Vs Rouse, Robert Leslie, Jr
Florida2021-05-28State Of Florida Vs Soto, Jeremy Alexander
Florida2021-05-27State Of Florida Vs Bostic, Kashayla Nicole
Florida2021-05-27State Of Florida Vs Zabalaauli, Cesar Javier
Florida2021-05-26State Of Florida Vs Lymon, Kenneith
Florida2021-05-26State Of Florida Vs Sessler, Alvin Allen
Florida2021-05-25State Of Florida Vs Bustamante, William Alberto
Florida2021-05-10State Of Florida Vs Bernal, Andres Mauricio
Florida2021-05-09State Of Florida Vs Govan, Xavier Leeantonio
Florida2021-05-09State Of Florida Vs Green, Zachary Ryan
Florida2021-05-09State Of Florida Vs Leissa, Amber Nicole
Florida2021-05-08State Of Florida Vs Johnson, Marvin Charles
Florida2021-05-06State Of Florida Vs Valladolid, Nataly Noemi
Florida2021-04-27State Of Florida Vs Hernandez Ruiz, Argenis
Florida2021-03-14State Of Florida Vs White, Ellis S
Florida2021-03-14State Of Florida Vs Torres, John Carlosariel
Florida2021-03-07State Of Florida Vs Royal, Leroy Christopher Q, Iv
Florida2021-03-05State Of Florida Vs Warner, Travis Leon
Florida2021-03-01State Of Florida Vs Walton, Cameron
Florida2021-02-27State Of Florida Vs Walker, Dexter Nicholas
Florida2021-02-27State Of Florida Vs Thompson, Jordan
Florida2021-02-24State Of Florida Vs Flores, Willie James
Florida2021-02-18State Of Florida Vs Welter, John Frederick
Florida2021-02-17State Of Florida Vs Merritt, Justin Andrew
Florida2021-02-14State Of Florida Vs Greene, Daivd Darryl, Jr
Florida2021-02-12State Of Florida Vs Doyle, Sara Loretta
Florida2021-02-09State Of Florida Vs Fuentes, Israel
Florida2021-02-08State Of Florida Vs Hazelwood, Todd Adam
Florida2021-02-07State Of Florida Vs Atkins, Stephen Robert
Florida2021-02-05State Of Florida Vs Ewing, Shantice Sd
Florida2021-02-04State Of Florida Vs Moreno, Sergio V, Jr
Florida2021-02-01State Of Florida Vs Allen, Cyrus
Florida2021-02-01State Of Florida Vs Castillo, Jonathan Alexis
Florida2021-01-25State Of Florida Vs Fordyce, Felecia Sherelle
Florida2021-01-24State of Florida - Vs - Dienes, Stephen
Florida2021-01-22State Of Florida Vs Bowles, Kalani Aaron Christopher
Florida2021-01-19State Of Florida Vs Warner, Travis Leon
Florida2021-01-18State Of Florida Vs Delira, Jerome Antonio Eugene
Florida2021-01-17State Of Florida Vs Calvin, Justin
Florida2021-01-16State Of Florida Vs Desouza, Komlan Aaron
Florida2021-01-13State Of Florida Vs Jackson, Cameron Armand
Florida2021-01-06State of Florida - Vs - Smith, Larry Devonte
Florida2021-01-04State of Florida - Vs - Taylor, David W
Florida2021-01-03State of Florida - Vs - Edward, CAPPELLANO Chad
Florida2021-01-02State of Florida - Vs - Feliciano, Jaelen P
Florida2021-01-02State of Florida - Vs - Lewis, Shelton Linberg
Florida2020-12-28State Of Florida Vs Delgado, Julieana
Florida2020-12-28State Of Florida Vs Montgomery, Michael Lee
Florida2020-12-27State Of Florida Vs Rivera, Josue
Florida2020-12-25State Of Florida Vs Garciaalturet, Luis
Florida2020-12-24State Of Florida Vs Black, Shamika Nicole
Florida2020-12-23State Of Florida Vs Foster, Stacey Lenard
Florida2020-12-22State of Florida - Vs - Swigart, Charles Lowell
Florida2020-12-22State of Florida - Vs - Team Orlando Hospitality Dba Celine / the Robinson
Florida2020-12-20State of Florida - Vs - Samano, Christopher Jose
Florida2020-12-20State of Florida - Vs - Medinaromero, Christian Arnulfo
Florida2020-12-18State of Florida - Vs - Smith, Andrew
Florida2020-12-12State of Florida - Vs - Hall, Alexis
Florida2020-12-09State of Florida - Vs - Chalela, Aaron
Florida2020-12-08State of Florida - Vs - Borkhardt, Kenneth Scott
Florida2020-12-08State of Florida - Vs - Yanez, Maria
Florida2020-12-04State of Florida - Vs - Farias, Hilda Yesenia
Florida2020-12-02State Of Florida Vs Jones, Harrison William
Florida2020-12-02State of Florida - Vs - Harrison, Joseph Marshall
Florida2020-12-01State Of Florida Vs Tisdale, Lonnie J, Jr
Florida2020-12-01State of Florida - Vs - Brunson, Diamond DEMETRIUS
Florida2020-12-01State of Florida - Vs - Tirado, Ismael
Florida2020-11-30State Of Florida Vs Kitchens, Victoria
Florida2020-11-29State Of Florida Vs Smith, Spectacular Blue
Florida2020-11-28State Of Florida Vs Parker, Jesse
Florida2020-11-28State Of Florida Vs Lee, Lynda Kaye
Florida2020-11-27State Of Florida Vs Thompson, Tyrone R
Florida2020-11-25State Of Florida Vs Dunklin, Gregory Alan
Florida2020-11-25State Of Florida Vs Mercedes Martinez, Barbara
Florida2020-11-25State Of Florida Vs Schwartz, Alyssa Nicole
Florida2020-11-25State of Florida - Vs - Rayo, Maria Cristina
Florida2020-11-25State of Florida - Vs - Rayo, Maria Cristina
Florida2020-11-23State of Florida - Vs - Vasqueztaveras, Katherine Margarita
Florida2020-11-18State Of Florida Vs Obrien, Matthew
Florida2020-11-18State of Florida - Vs - Chico, PATPA
Florida2020-11-17State of Florida - Vs - Hoover, Dennis D
Florida2020-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Larrinaga, Jonathan Jesse
Florida2020-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Smith, Lawrence
Florida2020-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Rodriguez, Michael
Florida2020-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Dauphin, Cynthia Lynn
Florida2020-11-09State of Florida - Vs - Lewis, Edward James
Florida2020-11-09State of Florida - Vs - Torres Roman, Joseph
Florida2020-11-08State of Florida - Vs - Ashe, Tamia Sierra
Florida2020-11-07State of Florida - Vs - Weisman, JUSTIN David
Florida2020-11-05State of Florida - Vs - Montanez, Lisa-Marie
Florida2020-11-05State of Florida - Vs - Solar, Gerald
Florida2020-11-04State of Florida - Vs - Kebede, Teodros
Florida2020-11-02State of Florida - Vs - McRae, Tiera Mesha
Florida2020-11-01State of Florida - Vs - Zebley, Edward Raymond
Florida2020-10-31State of Florida - Vs - Doolan, Thomas
Florida2020-10-30State of Florida - Vs - Devereaux, Corey
Florida2020-10-27State of Florida - Vs - Hoover, James Allen
Florida2020-10-26State Of Florida Vs Hassell, Bryan C