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Florida2020-03-30State of Florida - Vs - Jeansonne, DUSTIN Gregory
Florida2020-03-30State of Florida - Vs - ARCADEAU, Vladimir
Florida2020-03-30State of Florida - Vs - Roberts, Reed Edward
Florida2020-03-29State of Florida - Vs - Williams, Prince E
Florida2020-03-29State of Florida - Vs - CEBOLLEROCASANOVA, JESUS A
Florida2020-03-28State of Florida - Vs - McClure, ERICA M
Florida2020-03-27State of Florida - Vs - Serrano, Bonilla Luis
Florida2020-03-27State of Florida - Vs - Harden, Christopher Marques
Florida2020-03-27State of Florida - Vs - Luhring, Gregg Alan
Florida2020-03-27State of Florida - Vs - Barnes, Corban Christopherallen
Florida2020-03-26State of Florida - Vs - Wilson, Sybil Dionne
Florida2020-03-25State of Florida - Vs - Reyes, David
Florida2020-03-24State of Florida - Vs - Ramirez, Sammy
Florida2020-03-24State of Florida - Vs - MARTINEZDECASTRO, Robert James
Florida2020-03-23State of Florida - Vs - Alexander, Brandon Antwan
Florida2020-03-23State of Florida - Vs - York, Donnell Dixon
Florida2020-03-23State of Florida - Vs - Brooks, Gregory Lynn
Florida2020-03-23State of Florida - Vs - Gines, Dejuan Levelle
Florida2020-03-23State of Florida - Vs - Qing, Hai
Florida2020-03-22State of Florida - Vs - Jones, LEDARIUS
Florida2020-03-22State of Florida - Vs - Hamlin, Andrew
Florida2020-03-21State of Florida - Vs - Meza, Adi
Florida2020-03-21State of Florida - Vs - Archie, Trisha Marie
Florida2020-03-20State of Florida - Vs - MERCADO, Steven
Florida2020-03-20State of Florida - Vs - Huish, Robert Joseph
Florida2020-03-20State of Florida - Vs - Joseph, Taheem
Florida2020-03-18State of Florida - Vs - Rivera, Christopher Lauriano
Florida2020-03-18State of Florida - Vs - Davila, Ruben Confesor
Florida2020-03-18State of Florida - Vs - Luckes, Channel Louise
Florida2020-03-17State of Florida - Vs - Tossie, Elmer Rudolph
Florida2020-03-16State of Florida - Vs - Walker, JAMARIUS
Florida2020-03-16State of Florida - Vs - SANTOSCASTRO, Samuel
Florida2020-03-16State of Florida - Vs - Robinson, Ta'varez L
Florida2020-03-15State of Florida - Vs - FONSECA, Diamante
Florida2020-03-15State of Florida - Vs - Ortiz, Darvis
Florida2020-03-15State of Florida - Vs - Davis, Jacquelyn
Florida2020-03-14State of Florida - Vs - Aguirreramirez, Rafael
Florida2020-03-14State of Florida - Vs - Randall, Eric M
Florida2020-03-13State of Florida - Vs - Trail, Amanda Gail
Florida2020-03-13State of Florida - Vs - Boykin, Avery James
Florida2020-03-13State of Florida - Vs - Price, Lacey
Florida2020-03-12State of Florida - Vs - BRODUS, CORNELIUS
Florida2020-03-12State of Florida - Vs - Washington, Aaron Jermaine
Florida2020-03-12State of Florida - Vs - Delmore, Shawndre Holman
Florida2020-03-11State of Florida - Vs - Burch, Gabrielle Joy
Florida2020-03-11State of Florida - Vs - Poindexter, Ashley Nicole
Florida2020-03-11State of Florida - Vs - Wiley, Tyler AUSTIN
Florida2020-03-11State of Florida - Vs - Scoff, Christopher Bentley
Florida2020-03-11State of Florida - Vs - Hughes, Blane Edward
Florida2020-03-10State of Florida - Vs - CADOGAN, Bruce
Florida2020-03-10State of Florida - Vs - Salcedo, JULIUS
Florida2020-03-10State of Florida - Vs - Velasquez, Edgar Alfonso
Florida2020-03-10State of Florida - Vs - Guadalupe, Kelvin
Florida2020-03-09State of Florida - Vs - Davis, Sean Michael
Florida2020-03-08State of Florida - Vs - Boschsilva, Aryel Joseph
Florida2020-03-08State of Florida - Vs - Claver, Maximilien
Florida2020-03-08State of Florida - Vs - Thomas, Jamia
Florida2020-03-07State of Florida - Vs - Deida, Shalimar
Florida2020-03-07State of Florida - Vs - Riley, Judeine Chrisnet
Florida2020-03-06State of Florida - Vs - Mertis, Brunel, Jr
Florida2020-03-06State of Florida - Vs - Louisjacques, Pierre Michael
Florida2020-03-05State of Florida - Vs - Riveratorres, Luis Daniel
Florida2020-03-05State of Florida - Vs - CABALLERO, Scott David
Florida2020-03-05State of Florida - Vs - Colon, Delwing
Florida2020-03-05State of Florida - Vs - Broome, Darin Graves
Florida2020-03-05State of Florida - Vs - Lurachy, Scott William
Florida2020-03-04State of Florida - Vs - Alize, Christopher Aaron
Florida2020-03-04State of Florida - Vs - Sanders, Angela Denise
Florida2020-03-04State of Florida - Vs - Kenon, Eric Maurice
Florida2020-03-04State of Florida - Vs - Taylor, Timothy Paul
Florida2020-03-04State of Florida - Vs - Lopezramirez, Richard Omar
Florida2020-03-03State of Florida - Vs - Wood, James Jonathan
Florida2020-03-03State of Florida - Vs - Matias, Azar
Florida2020-03-02State of Florida - Vs - Bailey, Manqula Sharman
Florida2020-03-02State of Florida - Vs - Giraldo, Christian J
Florida2020-03-02State of Florida - Vs - Hall, Nathaniel Sterling
Florida2020-03-01State of Florida - Vs - Slaughter, Rhonda Lynn
Florida2020-03-01State of Florida - Vs - Martins, VINICIUS De Moraes
Florida2020-03-01State of Florida - Vs - Samenski, Torrey William
Florida2020-02-29State of Florida - Vs - Roovens, Pierre
Florida2020-02-29State of Florida - Vs - Legrand, Jacquez Antonio
Florida2020-02-29State of Florida - Vs - Padillaviera, Steven
Florida2020-02-29State of Florida - Vs - Adkins, Shane
Florida2020-02-28State of Florida - Vs - Johnson, Charles Paul
Florida2020-02-27State of Florida - Vs - Espinal, Shayna
Florida2020-02-27State of Florida - Vs - Tran, Hai
Florida2020-02-27State of Florida - Vs - Powell, Krishshonn CAMELIA
Florida2020-02-27State of Florida - Vs - Harvey, David K
Florida2020-02-26State of Florida - Vs - Soto, Yixa Marie
Florida2020-02-26State of Florida - Vs - CORNELIUS, Kip Yong
Florida2020-02-26State of Florida - Vs - Nieves, Jose Miguel
Florida2020-02-26State of Florida - Vs - Toney, Yachane Denita
Florida2020-02-25State of Florida - Vs - Quinones, Jacqueline Suzanne
Florida2020-02-25State of Florida - Vs - Cook, Denvil
Florida2020-02-25State of Florida - Vs - Barbieri, Dominick
Florida2020-02-25State of Florida - Vs - Mauricio, David
Florida2020-02-25State of Florida - Vs - SCAGLIONE, Jeanine Marie
Florida2020-02-24State of Florida - Vs - Anderson, Joseph, Iii
Florida2020-02-24State of Florida - Vs - Gabriel, Kelvin Ashworth
Florida2020-02-24State of Florida - Vs - Singleton, Sheldrick Deon
Florida2020-02-24State of Florida - Vs - Gerakis, Giannis C
Florida2020-02-24State of Florida - Vs - Mason, Javon Dupree
Florida2020-02-23State of Florida - Vs - Adkins, Jamar Wilbur
Florida2020-02-23State of Florida - Vs - Reed, Maurice Devon
Florida2020-02-23State of Florida - Vs - Pall, Jonathan S
Florida2020-02-23State of Florida - Vs - Hemenez, CAMERON AUSTIN
Florida2020-02-22State of Florida - Vs - Norfleet, Dion Xavier
Florida2020-02-22State of Florida - Vs - CABEZASJARA, Manuel Francisco
Florida2020-02-21State of Florida - Vs - Wheeler, Antonio Morez
Florida2020-02-21State of Florida - Vs - Williams, Artonio Lee
Florida2020-02-21State of Florida - Vs - Delawder, Ashley Nicole
Florida2020-02-20State of Florida - Vs - Moralestejada, Maria Isabel
Florida2020-02-20State of Florida - Vs - Villanona, CATHELINE
Florida2020-02-20State of Florida - Vs - Compton, Michael J
Florida2020-02-19State of Florida - Vs - Deane, Alistair R
Florida2020-02-19State of Florida - Vs - Brown, Van Michael
Florida2020-02-19State of Florida - Vs - Massenat, Herlanders
Florida2020-02-19State of Florida - Vs - Green, MARCELUS Trey
Florida2020-02-19State of Florida - Vs - Aquino, Marisa CAMILLE
Florida2020-02-18State of Florida - Vs - Vick, Tanya Renee
Florida2020-02-18State of Florida - Vs - Boyd, Cedric Anthony
Florida2020-02-18State of Florida - Vs - Parrilla, Jonathan Daniel
Florida2020-02-18State of Florida - Vs - Dawson, Frederick
Florida2020-02-18State of Florida - Vs - Armstrong, Deseray
Florida2020-02-17State of Florida - Vs - Threatt, Joshua Aaron
Florida2020-02-17State of Florida - Vs - Whyte, Kirton
Florida2020-02-17State of Florida - Vs - Madera, Daniel
Florida2020-02-17State of Florida - Vs - Myrthil, Michael
Florida2020-02-16State of Florida - Vs - Devonish, Andrew
Florida2020-02-16State of Florida - Vs - Huerta, Michael Thomas
Florida2020-02-16State of Florida - Vs - Toro, Katheryn
Florida2020-02-16State of Florida - Vs - Jordan, Steven Travon
Florida2020-02-16State of Florida - Vs - Perez, Isaiah Luis
Florida2020-02-15State of Florida - Vs - Eliazard, Jeremie
Florida2020-02-15State of Florida - Vs - Harris, Michael C
Florida2020-02-14State of Florida - Vs - Beacham, Tenkamein A
Florida2020-02-14State of Florida - Vs - Sassano, Christine Michelle
Florida2020-02-14State of Florida - Vs - Louizes, Nickolas Pericles
Florida2020-02-13State of Florida - Vs - Jolly, Sean Everett
Florida2020-02-13State of Florida - Vs - Rodriguezconcepcion, Johan A
Florida2020-02-13State of Florida - Vs - Evans, Brian Keith
Florida2020-02-13State of Florida - Vs - Lowry, Felton
Florida2020-02-12State of Florida - Vs - Shabazz, Derrick A
Florida2020-02-12State of Florida - Vs - Leroy, Josue David
Florida2020-02-12State of Florida - Vs - Stuckey, Palmer
Florida2020-02-12State of Florida - Vs - Hooks, Dondrick Deon
Florida2020-02-11State of Florida - Vs - Daley, Yaanuwn Mut'all Olam
Florida2020-02-11State of Florida - Vs - Betancourt, Cynthia Ivette
Florida2020-02-11State of Florida - Vs - Flahaut, Mackenzie
Florida2020-02-11State of Florida - Vs - Baez, Rafael Antonio
Florida2020-02-10State of Florida - Vs - Santos, Marc Anthony
Florida2020-02-10State of Florida - Vs - Paolucci, Adriano
Florida2020-02-10State of Florida - Vs - Gunn, Trevion
Florida2020-02-10State of Florida - Vs - Destrampe, Gerald Scott
Florida2020-02-09State of Florida - Vs - Scott, Michael Marcellas
Florida2020-02-09State of Florida - Vs - MONTSDEOCA, Stephen Paul
Florida2020-02-09State of Florida - Vs - Wall, Heather Janette
Florida2020-02-09State of Florida - Vs - Smith, Derryck Demont
Florida2020-02-09State of Florida - Vs - Lamb, Lonnie Michael
Florida2020-02-08State of Florida - Vs - Baez, Josue Ariel
Florida2020-02-08State of Florida - Vs - Crawford, Mario Antwon
Florida2020-02-08State of Florida - Vs - Lopez, Jovany
Florida2020-02-08State of Florida - Vs - Rocha, Jose Antonio Ximenes
Florida2020-02-08State of Florida - Vs - Rivera, Wilbert Jr
Florida2020-02-07State of Florida - Vs - Ortiz Malave, Angel Manuel
Florida2020-02-07State of Florida - Vs - Santiago, Anthony
Florida2020-02-07State of Florida - Vs - Elma, Wengy
Florida2020-02-06State of Florida - Vs - Blumenthal, Shannon Edward
Florida2020-02-06State of Florida - Vs - Serrano, CARLOS Manuel, Jr
Florida2020-02-05State of Florida - Vs - Roberts, John Henry
Florida2020-02-05State of Florida - Vs - Scott, Michael Delano
Florida2020-02-05State of Florida - Vs - Roberson, Anthony Antonio
Florida2020-02-05State of Florida - Vs - Schofield, Daryl Quentin, Jr
Florida2020-02-04State of Florida - Vs - Burke, Jamaris
Florida2020-02-04State of Florida - Vs - Redman, Donald Alexander
Florida2020-02-04State of Florida - Vs - Hamilton, Matthew
Florida2020-02-04State of Florida - Vs - Jordan, Steven Durrell
Florida2020-02-04State of Florida - Vs - Espiricueta, Amanda Rose
Florida2020-02-04State of Florida - Vs - Lott, Jason Lamar Jr
Florida2020-02-03State of Florida - Vs - Lebron, Leslie
Florida2020-02-03State of Florida - Vs - CANCUZ, Wilson
Florida2020-02-03State of Florida - Vs - Burroughs, Sean A
Florida2020-02-03State of Florida - Vs - Bracken, Christopher Allen
Florida2020-02-03State of Florida - Vs - Wynn, James Edward Jr
Florida2020-02-02State of Florida - Vs - ONYEGBULA, Sonny Chinyere
Florida2020-02-02State of Florida - Vs - Taylor, Edd Jeffery
Florida2020-02-02State of Florida - Vs - Maldonadoortiz, John Hommy Ii
Florida2020-02-01State of Florida - Vs - Morellsantos, Jose Eugenio
Florida2020-01-31State of Florida - Vs - Gilliland, Amanda Paige
Florida2020-01-31State of Florida - Vs - Davis, Tricia Ann
Florida2020-01-31State of Florida - Vs - Gorham, Montel
Florida2020-01-30State of Florida - Vs - Jackson, Shelby
Florida2020-01-30State of Florida - Vs - Hodge, Twan
Florida2020-01-30State of Florida - Vs - Hamilton, Matthew
Florida2020-01-29State of Florida - Vs - Fong, Arturo
Florida2020-01-29State of Florida - Vs - Chervenak, Michael Andrew
Florida2020-01-29State of Florida - Vs - Rizzi, Fabian Warren
Florida2020-01-29State of Florida - Vs - Brown, Khadija
Florida2020-01-29State of Florida - Vs - Williamson, Azarian Diony
Florida2020-01-28State of Florida - Vs - Pierre, Ramiles
Florida2020-01-28State of Florida - Vs - Brown, Kirsha Ann
Florida2020-01-28State of Florida - Vs - Torres, Brian
Florida2020-01-28State of Florida - Vs - Thach, John Samson
Florida2020-01-28State of Florida - Vs - Hudspeth, Reanna Victoria
Florida2020-01-27State of Florida - Vs - Alvessantanapaiva, Amanda
Florida2020-01-27State of Florida - Vs - Way, Chance Taylor
Florida2020-01-27State of Florida - Vs - Tyre, Mikea Davie
Florida2020-01-24State of Florida - Vs - Jaramillo, Julian
Florida2020-01-24State of Florida - Vs - Riveradiaz, Danny
Florida2020-01-24State of Florida - Vs - Santiago, Ezekiel Omar
Florida2020-01-24State of Florida - Vs - Smith, Tonjay Latoy, Jr
Florida2020-01-24State of Florida - Vs - Shannon, DEMETRIUS
Florida2020-01-24State of Florida - Vs - Schneider, Gaal
Florida2020-01-23State of Florida - Vs - Lewis, REBECCA Ruth
Florida2020-01-23State of Florida - Vs - Rhodes, Eddie Ray
Florida2020-01-23State of Florida - Vs - Preston, Andreon Quinton
Florida2020-01-23State of Florida - Vs - Ramossantiago, Roberto
Florida2020-01-23State of Florida - Vs - Motie, Hardeo
Florida2020-01-22State of Florida - Vs - Mitchell, Corey Laine
Florida2020-01-22State of Florida - Vs - Jaramillo, Julian
Florida2020-01-21State of Florida - Vs - Green, Joshua Skyler
Florida2020-01-21State of Florida - Vs - CAMERONIII, Eddie Roy
Florida2020-01-21State of Florida - Vs - Chico, Andrew
Florida2020-01-20State of Florida - Vs - Morales, Richard
Florida2020-01-20State of Florida - Vs - Moschler, Margaret Virginia
Florida2020-01-20State of Florida - Vs - LETZKUS, Steven Joseph
Florida2020-01-20State of Florida - Vs - Stephens, Deshawn M
Florida2020-01-19State of Florida - Vs - Ward, Christina
Florida2020-01-19State of Florida - Vs - DEJESUSMUNIZ, Anthony
Florida2020-01-19State of Florida - Vs - Collins, Brandon Demarcio
Florida2020-01-18State of Florida - Vs - CATTE, Debra Daniel
Florida2020-01-18State of Florida - Vs - Coking, Christina J
Florida2020-01-18State of Florida - Vs - CASTILLO, Skylee Marie
Florida2020-01-18State of Florida - Vs - Jules, Rodrigue Jean Jr
Florida2020-01-17State of Florida - Vs - Fisher, Valissa Joy
Florida2020-01-17State of Florida - Vs - Brown, Emil F
Florida2020-01-17State of Florida - Vs - CALAAGA, Cordero Phillips
Florida2020-01-17State of Florida - Vs - Krystosek, Troy Alan
Florida2020-01-17State of Florida - Vs - Smith, Alvin Lester Jr
Florida2020-01-17State of Florida - Vs - Harris, Ashley Nicole
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Bryant, Andrew Lee, Jr
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Adirim, Craig
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Slater, Sheldric
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Torress, Jonathan David
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Kegler, Jaron Latray
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Scherer, Nicholas Alan
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida - Vs - Randolfh, Deangelo
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida - Vs - Noble, Alfonso
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida - Vs - Vance, Lee Irvin
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida - Vs - Prentice, Daniel
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida - Vs - Mangual, Shauntae Ceasar
Florida2020-01-14State of Florida - Vs - Snipes, Christopher Leron
Florida2020-01-14State of Florida - Vs - Estrada, Christopher Alexander
Florida2020-01-13State of Florida - Vs - PORTILLOCASTILLO, Victor Hugo
Florida2020-01-13State of Florida - Vs - Harrison, Glenroy
Florida2020-01-13State of Florida - Vs - Ceide, Christolor Pierre
Florida2020-01-12State of Florida - Vs - Salazar, Emilio Arias
Florida2020-01-12State of Florida - Vs - Rojas, Jose Luis
Florida2020-01-11State of Florida - Vs - Lowe, Princess Mia
Florida2020-01-11State of Florida - Vs - Laffitte, Terry
Florida2020-01-11State of Florida - Vs - Santosgarriga, Felix Alberto
Florida2020-01-11State of Florida - Vs - Omari, Dashae Meeks
Florida2020-01-11State of Florida - Vs - Smith, Kurtis J
Florida2020-01-10State of Florida - Vs - Smith, Tysheona D
Florida2020-01-10State of Florida - Vs - Bremner, Tristan Dillon
Florida2020-01-10State of Florida - Vs - Munozrigual, Jorge Eugenio
Florida2020-01-09State of Florida - Vs - Pollard, James Timothy, Jr
Florida2020-01-09State of Florida - Vs - Lee, Andra Levell
Florida2020-01-08State of Florida - Vs - Mitchell, Sonia M
Florida2020-01-08State of Florida - Vs - Watcheck, Nicholas Allen
Florida2020-01-08State of Florida - Vs - CASBON, Ryan Douglas
Florida2020-01-08State of Florida - Vs - Stokes, Alexander C
Florida2020-01-07State of Florida - Vs - Brown, Nicholas
Florida2020-01-07State of Florida - Vs - DUNCAN, CAMERON Lee
Florida2020-01-06State of Florida - Vs - Fitzpatrick, Timothy Dennis
Florida2020-01-06State of Florida - Vs - Ciampa, Mark Anthony
Florida2020-01-06State of Florida - Vs - Frazier, Donnell Tevon
Florida2020-01-06State of Florida - Vs - Jackson, Stephanie Knighton
Florida2020-01-06State of Florida - Vs - Santiago, Isaac Emanuel
Florida2020-01-05State of Florida - Vs - Guffy, Ronald Dean
Florida2020-01-05State of Florida - Vs - Ruiz, Jonathan E
Florida2020-01-04State of Florida - Vs - Enriquechambers, Lazarrick
Florida2020-01-04State of Florida - Vs - Cole, Wesley Adam
Florida2020-01-04State of Florida - Vs - Edwards, Scott Edward
Florida2020-01-03State of Florida - Vs - Sommerville, Thomas Louis
Florida2020-01-03State of Florida - Vs - Rodriguez, Manuel DEJESUS
Florida2020-01-03State of Florida - Vs - Gonzalez, Narzizo
Florida2020-01-03State of Florida - Vs - Santana, Dario
Florida2020-01-03State of Florida - Vs - Reddick, Eric
Florida2020-01-03State of Florida - Vs - Guzman, Jeremiah
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida - Vs - Williams, Zacchaues Treivon
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida - Vs - Khudashvili, Lina Zazae
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida - Vs - Cooper, Robert Eugene Jr
Florida2020-01-01State of Florida - Vs - Strong, Travis
Florida2019-12-31State of Florida - Vs - Persaud, Tulsie
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida - Vs - Williams, Charles Lee
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida - Vs - Bailey, Tiara ALEXUS
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida - Vs - Sliter, Allan Wayne
Florida2019-11-20State of Florida - Vs - Andreas, Lionel Alfredo
Florida2019-11-19State of Florida - Vs - Best, Joshua Franklin
Florida2019-11-19State of Florida - Vs - Chino Rodriguez, Isabel
Florida2019-11-18State of Florida - Vs - Tomblin, Lonnie Joe
Florida2019-11-18State of Florida - Vs - James, JESSICA
Florida2019-11-17State of Florida - Vs - Felton, Javiar David
Florida2019-11-17State of Florida - Vs - Burton, Shabella MAURICA
Florida2019-11-17State of Florida - Vs - CABASSA, Jose A
Florida2019-11-16State of Florida - Vs - Robinson, William
Florida2019-11-16State of Florida - Vs - Allen, Andrew
Florida2019-11-16State of Florida - Vs - Harrison, James Ira, Jr
Florida2019-11-16State of Florida - Vs - Valdes, Leonardo JESUS
Florida2019-11-16State of Florida - Vs - Weston, Iesha Renee
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida - Vs - Aquino, Ryan CARL
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida - Vs - Fecke, Amethyst
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida - Vs - Jones, CARL Alvin
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida - Vs - Pagan, Gabriel
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida - Vs - Escobar, Eliphelet Aponte
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida - Vs - Samoilo, Alexander Anthony
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida - Vs - Vera, Lisa
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida - Vs - Doodnath, Leon
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida - Vs - Gallagher, Michael John
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Wakin, Jean
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Rudolph, Valentino J
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Paiva, Marcelo
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Flowers, Brianne Presha
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida - Vs - Johnson, MARCUS Devon
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida - Vs - Zifferblatt, Christine Marie
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida - Vs - Price, Crystal J
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida - Vs - Jerry, Anthony Horace
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida - Vs - Johnson, Johnny Earl
Florida2019-11-11State of Florida - Vs - Weaver, Nicholas
Florida2019-11-11State of Florida - Vs - Griffin, William Robert
Florida2019-11-11State of Florida - Vs - Rosas, Denise
Florida2019-11-10State of Florida - Vs - Delgado, Xavier L
Florida2019-11-10State of Florida - Vs - Plata, Emely
Florida2019-11-09State of Florida - Vs - Edmonds, Jawara Ramia
Florida2019-11-09State of Florida - Vs - Gomez, Juan CAMILO
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida - Vs - Simpson, Boulden Jay
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida - Vs - Darby, Quintin Rashad
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida - Vs - Parkinson, Antonio Nicholas
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida - Vs - Reed, Jonathan
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida - Vs - Miranda-Matias, Adonias Misael
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida - Vs - Lavallee, Michael R
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida - Vs - Welcome, Kimberly Kimara
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida - Vs - Johnson, Deandre Terrell
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida - Vs - Tohorton, Raul
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida - Vs - Tohorton, Edward
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida - Vs - Reaves, Alex Lamar
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida - Vs - Barber, Anthony D
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida - Vs - Johnson, Steven Lee
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida - Vs - Cyprian, Antonio MARCUS
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida - Vs - Pille, Nicholas James
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida - Vs - Reynolds, Matthew Donald
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida - Vs - Spencer, Ashley Nicole
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida - Vs - Ward, Jashaydrea Monelle
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida - Vs - Hargis, William Curtis Wiggins
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida - Vs - Federowicz, Felix Francis
Florida2019-11-03State of Florida - Vs - Pollard, Devin Larry
Florida2019-11-03State of Florida - Vs - Dawkins, Tyrone Lamonte
Florida2019-11-03State of Florida - Vs - FERNANDEZESCAPA, Renault
Florida2019-11-02State of Florida - Vs - Greenlee, Shawn Eric
Florida2019-11-02State of Florida - Vs - Brumfield, Gary Devontae Iii
Florida2019-11-02State of Florida - Vs - Rodriguez, Luis Antonio
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida - Vs - Luckey, Kevin
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida - Vs - Boyle, Jared
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida - Vs - Lamb, CARLOTTA Maria
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida - Vs - Herlong, Derrick Maurice
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida - Vs - CARTER, Brandi Nicole
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida - Vs - Lankford, Stephanie Marie
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida - Vs - Felicianorivera, Luis Angel
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida - Vs - Barreiro, Ariel
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida - Vs - Rolle, Jonathan Lugene
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida - Vs - Morris, Jarmar Lashawn Alfonso
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida - Vs - Balentine, Jerome L
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida - Vs - Smith, Christopher
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida - Vs - Smith, Jason
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida - Vs - Aldophe, Kevin
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida - Vs - Melton, Rayshard Jermaine
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida - Vs - Dewitte, Jeremy Charles
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida - Vs - Holland, Mandee
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida - Vs - Morgan, Trevon Devon
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida - Vs - RUSS, Yokarnarn Eli Israel
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida - Vs - Osorio, Pedro OSCAR
Florida2019-10-27State of Florida - Vs - Ortiz, Liz Vanessa
Florida2019-10-27State of Florida - Vs - Rampersad, Kyle
Florida2019-10-27State of Florida - Vs - Smith, Alonzo Luther Lee
Florida2019-10-27State of Florida - Vs - Goodman, Oneil D
Florida2019-10-26State of Florida - Vs - Johnson, Anthony Shannon
Florida2019-10-26State of Florida - Vs - Kelley, Christopher Michael
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida - Vs - Montanez-Martinez, Luis Alberto
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida - Vs - Egli, Daniel Wesley, Jr
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida - Vs - Chiles, Timothy Vanshaw
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida - Vs - Wilson, DARIUS Arsante
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida - Vs - Bent, David
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida - Vs - Mitchell, Simmian Amuda
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida - Vs - Richiezpena, Angel
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida - Vs - Robinson, Zaire Aaronlamont
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida - Vs - Williams, Johnathan
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida - Vs - Horton, Charles Aaron
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida - Vs - Fattizzi, Michael Christopher
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida - Vs - Crenshaw, OSCAR Joel
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida - Vs - Agosto, Michael Martinez
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida - Vs - Jones, Marquise Deon
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida - Vs - Perez, Nelson
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida - Vs - Fuller, Lorenzo
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida - Vs - Davis, Alonzo Lamonte
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida - Vs - Medeiros, Nicholas Joseph
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida - Vs - Holt, Donald CAREY
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida - Vs - Hernandez, Victor Gabino
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida - Vs - Nielson, Robert P
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida - Vs - Bannister, CAMEO E
Florida2019-10-20State of Florida - Vs - Hale, Ronald Wesley
Florida2019-10-20State of Florida - Vs - Perry, Roger Glen
Florida2019-10-19State of Florida - Vs - Honeycutt, Shawn Charles, Sr
Florida2019-10-19State of Florida - Vs - Santiago, Anthony
Florida2019-10-19State of Florida - Vs - Holiday, Antonio Denelle
Florida2019-10-19State of Florida - Vs - Evans, Regina L
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida - Vs - Falu, Dayshia BLANCA
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida - Vs - Boodhoo, Danny
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida - Vs - Peterson, Allen Alenzo
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida - Vs - Riveratorres, Christian Manuel
Florida2019-10-18Martinez Pena, Jose Arecio vs. Lora, Jilka J
Florida2019-10-18Feliciano, Katherine Anne vs. Feliciano, Ramon Manuel
Florida2019-10-17Fiore, Anthony vs. Fiore, Patricia
Florida2019-10-17Batie Knight, Lowquis vs. Knight, Rudolph Curtis, Jr
Florida2019-10-17Thomas, Tammarra Angelic vs. Wilson, Fredicks Alfonzo
Florida2019-10-17Farias Barragan, Hilda Yesenia vs. Pintar, Mugen Asanuma
Florida2019-10-17Allegri, Diane Marie vs. Bourgeois, Jonathon Michael
Florida2019-10-16Serafin Jimenez, Reyna vs. Bautista Hernandez, Jose Ruperto
Florida2019-10-16Addison Sanon, Iris vs. Sanon, Aplha
Florida2019-10-16Lafortune, Max Henry vs. Samuel, Natacha
Florida2019-10-16Hathoot, Anna M vs. Munro, Michael J
Florida2019-10-16Rodriguez Rivera, Sherley Michelle vs. Montes Rivera, Angel
Florida2019-10-16Adkins, Brenda vs. Warren, Jermaine Dwayne, Sr
Florida2019-10-15METELUS, Herold vs. Hyppolite, Monia
Florida2019-10-15Choy Armas, Yilien vs. Monfrini, Alessandro
Florida2019-10-15Green, Eyanna Erikiyah vs. Henderson, Jamario Naquez
Florida2019-10-15Otero, Christina Marie vs. Collazo Bruno, Nathan Jarmal, Jr
Florida2019-10-14Gallegos Saldana, Gabriela vs. Trejo CASTANEDA, Osvaldo
Florida2019-10-14Febres Cruz, Victor M vs. CARMONA, Jaime
Florida2019-10-11Allan, Anne vs. Perret Gentil, Maria
Florida2019-10-11Torres, Stephanie M vs. Mauri, Joshua L
Florida2019-10-11CAMPBELL, Javan Charles vs. Onoko, Shannon
Florida2019-10-11Bontemps, Audrey Jutelande vs. Louis, Georges Pierre
Florida2019-10-11Kenney, Kenneth Jasper vs. Loubriel, Neffatarie
Florida2019-10-11Natal Gandarillas, David vs. Santiago Santiago, CARMEN
Florida2019-10-11Renninger, Lindsay Montague vs. Renninger Iii, CARL Gordon
Florida2019-10-11Reed, Niriesha Laqwanda vs. William Stroud, CAMERON d'Shay
Florida2019-10-11Halsey Snorgrass, Renita Oriel vs. Snorgrass, Christopher Lee
Florida2019-10-11Archibald, Edred vs. Suarez, Annette
Florida2019-10-10Rodriguez, Juana vs. Rodriguez, Lorenzo
Florida2019-10-10Arevalo Poveda, Juan David vs. Morales Ynfante, Ismael
Florida2019-10-10Lafee Olivieri, Humberto OSCAR vs. Gerardo De CAIRES, Mariela
Florida2019-10-10Pugh, Vanita Renne vs. Pugh, Patrick Lee, Jr
Florida2019-10-10CARTER, Craig Lamar vs. Hayes, Cheryl Elizabeth
Florida2019-10-10Berthony, Alexis vs. CADEAU, Sylphise
Florida2019-10-10BOSCAN Vargas, Ana Cristina Maria vs. Durand Aguila, Mauricio Martin
Florida2019-10-10Owens, John Allen, Jr vs. Fleming, Ashley Brianna
Florida2019-10-10State of Florida - Vs - Fontanez-Rivera, Daniel
Florida2019-10-09Hamilton Fara, Christopher John, Ii vs. Dougherty Fara, Colleen
Florida2019-10-09Gutierrez, Raul vs. CALCANO Mejia, Flor De Liz
Florida2019-10-09CARDONA CARDONA, Magda M vs. Gonzalez MERCADO, Nelson
Florida2019-10-08Tolentino, Nicolas R vs. Tripodi, Jennifer
Florida2019-10-08Clarke, Louisa Ann Marie vs. Clarke, Noel
Florida2019-10-08Meeks Doster, CAROLYN vs. Gore (Deceased), Andrea Elena, Gloyd (Deceased), Duane Sheldon
Florida2019-10-08Abreu, Nathalie vs. Bermudez Ortiz, Felix Enrique
Florida2019-10-08Duarte, Jose a vs. Mirabal, Yrma
Florida2019-10-08Wingate, Charlita D vs. Wingate, Christophe
Florida2019-10-08Shelly, Willie Charles, Jr vs. Paulino, Leonor
Florida2019-10-08CARABALLO MERCADO, Elida vs. Cruz Valentin, Luis Arsenio
Florida2019-10-07DORTELUS, Envernise vs. REJUSTE, Withson
Florida2019-10-07Johnson, Yarmayne Shylena vs. Jackson, Errol Marcel, Jr
Florida2019-10-07Irons, Melissa Elaine vs. Kokontis, Jonathan
Florida2019-10-07MUSAEV, Ravshan vs. MUSAEVA, Dilfuza Z
Florida2019-10-07Tran, Luc the vs. Nguyen, Hoang Anh Le
Florida2019-10-07Bell, Duane Anthony vs. Hill, Marsha Aleta
Florida2019-10-07State of Florida - Vs - Patterson, Renford Lavell, Iii
Florida2019-10-06Coolidge, Brandon Chase vs. Coolidge, Emmalee Abigail
Florida2019-10-05Torres Moquete, Isabel Victoria vs. Reyes Perilla, Freddy Alexis
Florida2019-10-04Gonzalez, Iris Martha vs. Gonzalez, Alcides
Florida2019-10-04May, Antonio Leon, Sr vs. McDaniels, Shantel Lashai
Florida2019-10-04Henry, Manitha vs. Lamarre Badette, Frantz
Florida2019-10-04Etwaru, Christopher vs. Etwaru, Sarah
Florida2019-10-04Smith, AUSTIN T vs. Ferreira, Jennifer
Florida2019-10-03Hamric Miller, Lori vs. Miller, Randall Scott
Florida2019-10-03OCANA, Ana vs. Berriors, Orlando
Florida2019-10-03Joseph, Katherine vs. Joseph, Brian Patrick
Florida2019-10-03Fontanez, Martha, Fontanez, Eugene vs. Traxler, Samantha, Traxler, Codie
Florida2019-10-03Fincham, Richard vs. Williams, Chelsea
Florida2019-10-03Bandy, Tyler Renee Blake vs. In Re Name Change
Florida2019-10-02Diaz Luciano, Yassiris vs. Lara, Christopher
Florida2019-10-02Vazquez, Mercedes vs. Vazquez, Jorge
Florida2019-10-02Gabriel, Alina vs. Saint Louis, Jean Renaud
Florida2019-10-02Jordan, Akia CASSIE vs. Griffin, Christopher Bryan
Florida2019-10-02Robinson, Rachel L vs. Robinson, John, Jr
Florida2019-10-02Tauer, Elizabeth Tipton vs. Tauer, Clifford Michael
Florida2019-10-02State of Florida - Vs - Pillot, CADENCE N
Florida2019-10-02State of Florida - Vs - McMurry, Travis JUSTIN
Florida2019-10-01Tran, Lan Thi vs. Ho, Hong Van
Florida2019-10-01Galavoti De Oliveira, Raquel Maria vs. De Oliveira, Luis Fernando
Florida2019-10-01Jolley, Laura a vs. Jacobo, Luis Alberto