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StateDateCase NameOptions
Florida2017-01-04State of Florida vs. Barquetti, Bruno
Florida2017-01-04State of Florida vs. Gonzalez Morales, Harrys William
Florida2017-01-03State of Florida vs. Douglas Salazar, Henry Walter
Florida2017-01-03State of Florida vs. Coronel, Michael Fernando
Florida2017-01-03State of Florida vs. Bayley, Jordan Harold
Florida2017-01-03State of Florida vs. Jacobo, Tomas
Florida2017-01-03State of Florida vs. De Lima Villarreal, Josemilton Jose
Florida2016-12-21State of Florida vs. Gaynair, Andrew Deleon
Florida2016-12-21State of Florida vs. CAMPBELL, Jarvis Quintel
Florida2016-12-21State of Florida vs. Guzman Hernandez, Mario
Florida2016-12-20State of Florida vs. Cervantes Aleman, Johana
Florida2016-12-20State of Florida vs. Terrell, MARCUS
Florida2016-12-19State of Florida vs. Clarke, Sherad Sheridan
Florida2016-12-05State of Florida vs. Aguilar, Raymon Samuel
Florida2016-12-03State Of Florida Vs Carey, Robert Edward
Florida2016-11-21State of Florida vs. Ramnarine, Evan Jivanti
Florida2016-11-21State of Florida vs. Vixama, Duckens
Florida2016-04-25State of Florida - Vs - McWhorter, Tyshelle Nicole