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Florida2010-12-05State of Florida - Vs - Kent, Thomas Edward
Florida2010-12-04State of Florida - Vs - Murgueitio-Delgado, Herberth Alfonso
Florida2010-11-21State of Florida - Vs - Hernandez, Juan Antonio
Florida2010-11-21State of Florida - Vs - Thompson, Christopher
Florida2010-11-12State of Florida - Vs - Rivera-Lago, Luis Alberto
Florida2010-11-08State of Florida - Vs - Bozman, Jack Rudolph, Jr
Florida2010-10-28State of Florida - Vs - Cootes, Russell J
Florida2010-10-27State of Florida - Vs - Williams, Steven Nicholas
Florida2010-10-25State of Florida - Vs - Farley, Mark Anthony
Florida2010-10-18State of Florida - Vs - Rivera, Krystal Lyne
Florida2010-10-15State of Florida - Vs - Mercado, Richard Anthony
Florida2010-10-07State of Florida - Vs - Rodriguez, Juan
Florida2010-09-30State of Florida - Vs - Pintado, Andres
Florida2010-09-30State of Florida - Vs - Welker, Randy Wade
Florida2010-09-29State of Florida - Vs - Velazquez, Luis
Florida2010-09-16State of Florida - Vs - Oliver, Elijah
Florida2010-08-26State of Florida - Vs - Shields, Craig Lamar
Florida2010-08-23State of Florida - Vs - Payne, Isaiah Elijah
Florida2010-08-23State of Florida - Vs - Godard, Tawania Raquel
Florida2010-08-18State of Florida - Vs - Redden, Reshay Trabas
Florida2010-08-14State of Florida - Vs - Potts, Jeremy Daniel
Florida2010-08-10State of Florida - Vs - Jean-Baptiste, Leopaul
Florida2010-08-07State of Florida - Vs - Cross, Brenton
Florida2010-07-23State of Florida - Vs - Rivera, Monica
Florida2010-07-11State of Florida - Vs - Castanon, Kendrick
Florida2010-06-30State of Florida - Vs - Stallworth, Phillip Daniel
Florida2010-06-18State of Florida - Vs - Mosley, Tiarsheka
Florida2010-05-31State of Florida - Vs - Stevenson, Jovan Delano
Florida2010-05-29State of Florida - Vs - Moore, Katonya
Florida2010-05-25State of Florida - Vs - Perry, James Franklin
Florida2010-05-23State of Florida - Vs - Ferrer-Rivera, Juan Antonio
Florida2010-05-23State of Florida - Vs - Ferrer-Rivera, Juan Antonio
Florida2010-04-26State of Florida - Vs - Donaldson, Henry, Jr
Florida2010-04-21State of Florida - Vs - Rodriguez-Reyes, Pedro D
Florida2010-04-12State of Florida - Vs - Lampkin, Duramos Octavius
Florida2010-04-12State of Florida - Vs - Beck, Gareth
Florida2010-03-25State of Florida - Vs - Johnson, Williams K
Florida2010-03-18State of Florida - Vs - Grant, James Lamont
Florida2010-03-11State of Florida - Vs - Walker, Cornelius
Florida2010-03-06State of Florida - Vs - Jones, Daniel Lee
Florida2010-02-23State of Florida - Vs - Delhoum, Mohamed Tewfik
Florida2010-02-11State of Florida - Vs - Spring, David Israel
Florida2010-01-11State of Florida - Vs - Glee, Jowan Hakeem
Florida2010-01-08State of Florida - Vs - Tatis, Roger
Florida2010-01-04State of Florida - Vs - Jamieson, Christian Wolf
Florida2010-01-04State of Florida - Vs - Emanuel, Jordan
Florida2009-11-10State of Florida - Vs - Gusman, Angel
Florida2009-10-05State of Florida - Vs - Black, Killiea A
Florida2009-10-01State of Florida vs. Venhorst, Ronald
Florida2009-08-30State of Florida - Vs - Nunez, Antonio A
Florida2009-08-08State of Florida - Vs - Ahlers, Leann Phyllis
Florida2009-07-19State of Florida - Vs - Sconiers, Travis Jamal
Florida2009-07-02State of Florida - Vs - Knight, Isaiah
Florida2009-06-27State of Florida - Vs - Maldonado-Nunez, Reynaldo A
Florida2009-02-12State of Florida - Vs - Munson, Michael P
Florida2009-02-08State of Florida - Vs - Cooke, Ryan
Florida2009-02-05State of Florida - Vs - Muniz, Klassy
Florida2009-01-03State of Florida - Vs - Willis, Maurice Lee
Florida2008-05-04State of Florida - Vs - Arias, Jason Steven
Florida2008-03-16State of Florida vs. Hernandez, Alesuuey
Florida2008-03-02State of Florida - Vs - Mclain, Jeffery
Florida2008-02-24State of Florida vs. Diaz, Jason Santiago
Florida2008-01-20State of Florida vs. Bustes-Ensinos, Cesar Aurello
Florida2007-12-25State of Florida vs. Enamorado-Garcia, Marvin Enriqu
Florida2007-12-05State of Florida vs. Rivera, Roberto E
Florida2007-12-05State of Florida vs. Woodward, Leon Vincent
Florida2007-11-25State of Florida vs. Olizia, Wildet
Florida2007-10-21State of Florida vs. Starks, Willie Eddie
Florida2007-10-11State of Florida vs. Delarosa, Javier
Florida2007-10-06State of Florida vs. Rivas-Cifuentes, Andres
Florida2007-07-29State of Florida - Vs - Colwell, Brandon Allen
Florida2007-07-15State of Florida vs. Ingram, Noah D
Florida2007-07-07State of Florida vs. Reyes, Kelby
Florida2007-06-23State of Florida vs. Cherubin, Steve
Florida2007-05-13State of Florida vs. Hernandez, Carlos
Florida2007-04-08State of Florida vs. Ocasio-Vega, Javier
Florida2007-03-03State of Florida vs. Demming, Samuel E