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Florida2020-03-18State of Florida - Vs - Etherton, Scott Randall
Florida2020-03-18State of Florida - Vs - Bennett, Michael
Florida2020-03-18State of Florida - Vs - Anderson, Michael Anthony
Florida2020-03-16State of Florida - Vs - Davidson, Horace Conrad, Jr
Florida2020-03-16State of Florida - Vs - Butler, Raymond, Jr
Florida2020-03-16State of Florida - Vs - Dhuhulow, Abdulkadir Salad
Florida2020-03-16State of Florida - Vs - Anthony, THADDEUS Levariii
Florida2020-03-16State of Florida - Vs - English, DEMARCUS L
Florida2020-03-13State of Florida - Vs - Snyder, John C
Florida2020-03-13State of Florida - Vs - Rivera, Anthony Martinez
Florida2020-03-13State of Florida - Vs - Sowka, James Lynn
Florida2020-03-12State of Florida vs. Vazquez, MONICA Elena
Florida2020-03-12State of Florida - Vs - RUSSELL, Sam
Florida2020-03-11State of Florida - Vs - Rau, Forrest Allen
Florida2020-03-11State of Florida - Vs - Rivera, Anthony
Florida2020-03-11State of Florida - Vs - Nicholas, Kenneth John
Florida2020-03-10State of Florida - Vs - Lismore, Wallace
Florida2020-03-10State of Florida - Vs - Phillips, RUSSELL Stephen
Florida2020-03-09State of Florida - Vs - Williams, Kevin M
Florida2020-03-09State of Florida - Vs - Murraywililams, Isaac
Florida2020-03-09State of Florida - Vs - Oliver, Tybree
Florida2020-03-04State of Florida - Vs - LUKE, Sierra S
Florida2020-03-03State of Florida vs. Simmons, Jason Lawrence
Florida2020-03-03State of Florida vs. Morgan, Kimberly Lynn
Florida2020-03-03State of Florida vs. Travieso Medina, Miguel Eduardo
Florida2020-03-03State of Florida vs. Rodriguez Gonzalez, Wilmer Antonio
Florida2020-03-03State of Florida vs. Romero Gonzalez, Victor Daniel
Florida2020-03-02State of Florida vs. Ecker, Richard Isacc
Florida2020-03-01State of Florida vs. Bonilla, JESUS Alberto
Florida2020-02-29State of Florida vs. Colon, Ralph
Florida2020-02-29State of Florida vs. Manni, Rosangela Dasilva
Florida2020-02-28State of Florida vs. Mazor, Itzhak
Florida2020-02-28State of Florida vs. Mayo, Benjamin Alan
Florida2020-02-26State of Florida vs. Moonab, Azim
Florida2020-02-24State of Florida vs. Simoneau, Jonah Michael
Florida2020-02-20State of Florida - Vs - Llanos Silva, Jorge Luis
Florida2020-02-20State of Florida - Vs - Requenatello, Romina
Florida2020-02-13State of Florida vs. MERUS, Jerry
Florida2020-02-11State of Florida - Vs - Bauer, Brian Scott
Florida2020-02-08State of Florida vs. Mazor, Itzhak
Florida2020-02-05State of Florida vs. Lopez Ramirez, Joel Amos
Florida2020-02-05State of Florida vs. Lopez Ramirez, Joel Amos
Florida2020-02-05State of Florida vs. Charbonier Gonzalez, Abdiel
Florida2020-02-05State of Florida vs. Beltran, Luis Angel
Florida2020-02-05State of Florida vs. Ollice Jr, Bobby Joe
Florida2020-02-05State of Florida vs. Mireles, Jose
Florida2020-02-03State of Florida vs. Ramirez, Yeymily
Florida2020-02-03State of Florida - Vs - Bowens, Wilber
Florida2020-02-03State of Florida vs. Vuong, Salena
Florida2020-02-03State of Florida vs. Sanchez Allende, Wilfred Antonio
Florida2020-01-30State of Florida vs. Dempsey, Kirstin Nicole
Florida2020-01-30State of Florida vs. Dubov, Chaya M
Florida2020-01-25State of Florida vs. Roden, James CARROL
Florida2020-01-18State of Florida - Vs - Briscoe, John Randolph
Florida2020-01-18State of Florida - Vs - BRODUS, CORNELIUS B
Florida2020-01-18State of Florida vs. Lopez, Geners Tito
Florida2020-01-17State of Florida - Vs - Allen, Derrick D
Florida2020-01-17State of Florida - Vs - Ford, Julie Lynn
Florida2020-01-17State of Florida - Vs - Barnes, Corban Christopher Allen
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Bleything, William B, Jr
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Brown, George Patrick
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Hoth, Michael A
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Judkins, John Henry
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Garrett, Christopher Martin
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Douglas, Thomas Murnard
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Conner, Tyler John
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida vs. Cuesta Placencia, Leandro I
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Kupiec, Dennis Michael
Florida2020-01-16State of Florida - Vs - Hernandez, CARLOS
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida vs. Wood, Jeffrey Charles, Jr
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida - Vs - BRODUS, CORNELIUS
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida - Vs - Acevedovega, Andres Javier
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida - Vs - Dearman, Kenneth Dewayne
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida vs. Diaz, Sebastian Pascual
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida vs. Beck, Angel Fredrick
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida vs. Gonzalez, Almadelia
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida vs. Sweat, Kristen Elizabeth
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida - Vs - Fannin, Thomas James
Florida2020-01-15State of Florida - Vs - Garcia, Demetrio
Florida2020-01-14State of Florida - Vs - Brickouts, Wesley Major, Iii
Florida2020-01-13State of Florida - Vs - Kelly, Archie Lee, Jr
Florida2020-01-13State of Florida vs. Alejandro, Julio Alexis
Florida2020-01-12State of Florida - Vs - Haddon, Steven
Florida2020-01-12State of Florida - Vs - Exis, Winegard Andrew
Florida2020-01-10State of Florida vs. Schonefeld, John Borden
Florida2020-01-09State of Florida vs. Webber, Robert Lee Clark
Florida2020-01-09State of Florida - Vs - McCoo, Samuel Oliver
Florida2020-01-09State of Florida - Vs - Stone, Jeffrey Raymond
Florida2020-01-09State of Florida - Vs - Mosley, Anthony
Florida2020-01-09State of Florida - Vs - Welter, John F
Florida2020-01-09State of Florida - Vs - Woods, Patrick Brian
Florida2020-01-09State of Florida - Vs - Pack, Benjamin J
Florida2020-01-09State of Florida vs. Rodriguez Torres, Edgardo
Florida2020-01-09State of Florida vs. Correa Corchado, Brandon Emilio
Florida2020-01-08State of Florida - Vs - Martin, Dennis C
Florida2020-01-08State of Florida - Vs - Mull, Douglas Scott
Florida2020-01-08State of Florida - Vs - Sanders, Shakanna
Florida2020-01-08State of Florida - Vs - Stegall, Michael Lawrence
Florida2020-01-08State of Florida - Vs - Sullivan, Joseph Scott
Florida2020-01-08State of Florida - Vs - Nettles, John Allen
Florida2020-01-07State of Florida - Vs - Ohare, Thomas Michael
Florida2020-01-07State of Florida - Vs - Townsend, Mario Gonzalez
Florida2020-01-07State of Florida vs. Trinh, Ky S
Florida2020-01-07State of Florida vs. Rodriguez Torres, Edgardo
Florida2020-01-07State of Florida - Vs - Walton, Keaton Pierce
Florida2020-01-07State of Florida vs. Waugh, Alysia Donique
Florida2020-01-06State of Florida - Vs - Young, James Edward, Jr
Florida2020-01-06State of Florida vs. Robles Fontanez, Edwin
Florida2020-01-06State of Florida vs. Ode, Danny Gene
Florida2020-01-06State of Florida vs. Chryell, Tammy C
Florida2020-01-06State of Florida vs. Gonzalez Rivera, Kiwdynashka
Florida2020-01-04State of Florida - Vs - Street, Timothy M
Florida2020-01-03State of Florida vs. Miranda Fuentes, Enelvison Rodelbi
Florida2020-01-03State of Florida vs. Nunez Lainez, Noel Antonio
Florida2020-01-03State of Florida vs. Goitia Talarico, Fabianna Beatriz
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida vs. Crispen, Ryan Alan
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida vs. Crispen, Ryan Alan
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida vs. Crispen, Ryan Alan
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida vs. Ramirez, Audiel
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida vs. Waugh, Alysia Donique
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida vs. Malave-Oliva, Madeline
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida vs. Reyes Vazquez, Miguel ARCANGEL
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida vs. Thornton, Chaquanda Reshea
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida vs. Ruiz, Dyanera Ginnielle
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida vs. Givens, Terrance Travon
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida vs. Gunter, David Charles
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida vs. Gunter, David Charles
Florida2020-01-02State of Florida vs. Aguilar, Jabez AMILCAR
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Gamez, Niurka N
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Acosta Esteva, Ivan
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Acosta Esteva, Ivan
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Fleurant, Stephen Wilson
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Ramos Aluares, Juau Manuel
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Brown, Michelle Renee
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Lee, JESSICA Brooke
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Tejada Cisneros, Jose Guadalope
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Gonzalez, Adan
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Phillips, Christopher
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Thompson, Jody-Ann Stephanie
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. McCourt, Shelby Lynn
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Dupera, Fanold
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Elkins, Sheena Marie
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Sanchez, Osman Leonel Sales
Florida2019-12-30State of Florida vs. Hawk, Anthony Bernard
Florida2019-12-29State of Florida vs. Wells, Dexter Tirrell
Florida2019-12-29State of Florida vs. Gomez, ZACARIAS
Florida2019-12-29State of Florida vs. Curtin, Todd Allen
Florida2019-12-29State of Florida vs. Estupinan, Juan Luis
Florida2019-12-29State of Florida vs. Crumitie, John Henry
Florida2019-12-28State of Florida vs. Brantley, Quentin Ja' Bar
Florida2019-12-28State of Florida vs. Gunter, David Charles
Florida2019-12-28State of Florida vs. Tran, Loc Bao
Florida2019-12-27State of Florida vs. Garcia Lopez, Rafael Andres
Florida2019-12-27State of Florida vs. Aviles, John Anthony
Florida2019-12-26State of Florida vs. Reyna, Jeffrey
Florida2019-12-26State of Florida vs. Perez, Pascual Victor Juan
Florida2019-12-26State of Florida vs. Toler, Donnell
Florida2019-12-26State of Florida vs. Prince, Naam
Florida2019-12-25State of Florida vs. Tanner, Rodrick Leon
Florida2019-12-23State of Florida vs. McClain, Craig Edward
Florida2019-12-23State of Florida vs. Rodriguez Ruiz, Jose Luis
Florida2019-12-23State of Florida vs. Viteri, Byron Ivan
Florida2019-12-23State of Florida vs. Vega Rodriguez, Leonardo
Florida2019-12-23State of Florida vs. Ramirez, Jaime
Florida2019-12-22State of Florida vs. MCCARTHY, Willie Junior
Florida2019-12-22State of Florida vs. Montejano, Jose V
Florida2019-12-22State of Florida vs. Lainesmiranda, Glisero
Florida2019-12-22State of Florida vs. Santana, Edwin
Florida2019-12-21State of Florida vs. Rosado, Amanda Marie
Florida2019-12-21State of Florida vs. Wallen, Joshua Brackston
Florida2019-12-21State of Florida vs. Rodriguez, Francisco Manuel
Florida2019-12-21State of Florida vs. Park, Eddy
Florida2019-12-21State of Florida vs. Park, Eddy
Florida2019-12-20State of Florida vs. Rivera Andujar, Hector Manuel
Florida2019-12-20State of Florida vs. Figueroa Rodriguez, Liz Marie
Florida2019-12-14State of Florida - Vs - Cox, Kyle Michael
Florida2019-12-12State of Florida - Vs - Khattar, Victor
Florida2019-12-06State of Florida vs. Guaman Chimborago, Adela Del Rocio
Florida2019-12-05State of Florida - Vs - Ortiz, Miguel
Florida2019-12-05State of Florida - Vs - Vela, Lazaro
Florida2019-12-05State of Florida vs. Smith, Annie Marie
Florida2019-12-05State of Florida vs. Rodriguez Molina, Maria Magdelena
Florida2019-12-05State of Florida vs. McFarlane, JULIUS Christopher
Florida2019-12-04State of Florida vs. Thornton, Ronnie Eugene
Florida2019-12-04State of Florida - Vs - Lapomarede, Lunes
Florida2019-12-03State of Florida - Vs - Mirzaev, Davron
Florida2019-12-03State of Florida vs. Velazquez Gonzalez, CARLOS Daniel
Florida2019-12-03State of Florida vs. Gutierrez Solorio, Fernando
Florida2019-12-03State of Florida vs. Bass, REBECCA Nicole
Florida2019-12-02State of Florida vs. Corter, Mark Lee
Florida2019-12-01State of Florida vs. Blaylock, Jonathan Bo
Florida2019-11-30State of Florida vs. Velazquez Gonzalez, CARLOS Daniel
Florida2019-11-27State of Florida - Vs - Kemm, Kirk Edward
Florida2019-11-27State of Florida vs. Woodard, Eric Leevan
Florida2019-11-27State of Florida vs. Kania, Mathew Alan
Florida2019-11-27State of Florida vs. CAMPBELL Brooks, Christopher Devin
Florida2019-11-27State of Florida vs. CAMPBELL Brooks, Christopher Devin
Florida2019-11-27State of Florida vs. Hanke, Elizabeth Anne
Florida2019-11-27State of Florida vs. Pagan Santiago, Christopher Angel
Florida2019-11-27State of Florida vs. Pagan Santiago, Christopher Angel
Florida2019-11-27State of Florida vs. Brown, Taj'malik Kit
Florida2019-11-27State of Florida vs. Pagan Santiago, Christopher Angel
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Outar, Tricia A
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Bagley, Thomas Lee
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Noto, Timothy M
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Holmes, Karnesha Latrice
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Johnson, Isaiah James
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Lamons, SHAMEECA Showetala
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Yambo, Tomas Enrique
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Orellana, Trinidad
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Patterson, Kenneth Evont
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Arzate Hernandez, Mauricio
Florida2019-11-26State of Florida vs. Lopez Gonzalez, Everardo Donai
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Rojas, Daniel Alejandro
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Tilmon, Robert Donnell
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Longs, Bobby Lynne
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Pichardo, Rafael Antonio
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Velasquez Ramirez, Arnoldo
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Cepeda, Eduardo
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Valdez Jaramillo, Victor
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. TLEHUACTLE-CANO, Jose Victor
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Velez Bracero, Monserate Ivette
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. Jocirin, Seanna Marie
Florida2019-11-25State of Florida vs. VUKICEVIC, DUSAN
Florida2019-11-23State of Florida vs. Jones, Jordan Ollie
Florida2019-11-23State of Florida vs. Jones, Jordan Ollie
Florida2019-11-22State of Florida - Vs - Stockley, REBECCA Jean
Florida2019-11-22State of Florida vs. Baldwin, Charles
Florida2019-11-22State of Florida - Vs - McPhail, Zalika A
Florida2019-11-20State of Florida vs. Hanke, Elizabeth Anne
Florida2019-11-20State of Florida vs. Young, Talarico Cortez
Florida2019-11-19State of Florida - Vs - Williams, Ivory
Florida2019-11-19State of Florida vs. Pazpineda, Maria Lourdes
Florida2019-11-19State of Florida vs. Laurent, Jason
Florida2019-11-18State of Florida vs. Woodard, Eric Leevan, Jr
Florida2019-11-18State of Florida vs. Riccio, Jonathan Andrew
Florida2019-11-18State of Florida vs. Espino Noa, OSCAR
Florida2019-11-18State of Florida vs. Swilley, Antonio Germaine
Florida2019-11-18State of Florida vs. Quintero, Victor Chavira
Florida2019-11-18State of Florida vs. Lopez, Alexander Jake
Florida2019-11-17State of Florida - Vs - Konczal, Erik Douglas
Florida2019-11-17State of Florida vs. Fuentes Bautista, Bilver Adai
Florida2019-11-16State of Florida - Vs - Acevedo, Raymond Noel
Florida2019-11-16State of Florida vs. Ferrerabarahona, Neryfrancisco
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida - Vs - Anderson, Wheeler Martin
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida vs. Hood, Keith Robin
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida vs. Pino, Jaime Morales
Florida2019-11-15State of Florida - Vs - Henderson, Michael D
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Scott, Corey Ramon
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Alonso Soto, David
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Alonso Soto, David
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Ayuzo Feria, Lecita
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Diaz Ramos, Luis Raul
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida vs. Scott, Corey Ramon
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida - Vs - Kinlock, Tristan
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida - Vs - Dallas, Karl
Florida2019-11-14State of Florida - Vs - Gray, Mondell Sandkeil
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Powell, Destiny Faith
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida vs. Gallardo, Luis
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida vs. Battle, Keron Denise
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida vs. Valladares, Elvis Alexander
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida - Vs - CORNELIUS, Kip Young
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Dionne, Paul A
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Jackson, Charrlonda D
Florida2019-11-13State of Florida - Vs - Ciccone, Madison A
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida - Vs - Gainey, Daniel Mark
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida - Vs - Gunnoe, Clinton M
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida vs. Herrera Macias, Jordan Martin
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida vs. Peters, Cynthia
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida vs. Hernandez Fabian, Montoya
Florida2019-11-12State of Florida vs. Nguyen, Minh-Trung Tri
Florida2019-11-11State of Florida - Vs - Marzlock, Derek L
Florida2019-11-11State of Florida - Vs - Taylor, Rambiziare
Florida2019-11-11State of Florida - Vs - Tree, Andrew J
Florida2019-11-10State of Florida - Vs - Moore, Bryan Gregory
Florida2019-11-10State of Florida - Vs - Wilson, Bryant
Florida2019-11-10State of Florida - Vs - Banfield, Kenneth Scott
Florida2019-11-10State of Florida - Vs - Obeirne, Bradley Norman
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida - Vs - Lymon, Kenneith H
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida - Vs - Leroy, William James
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida vs. Leon Hernandez, Jose Angel
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida vs. Roberts, Eleanor Elizabeth
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida vs. Kittrell, Ronald Douglas
Florida2019-11-08State of Florida vs. Henriques, Darren
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida - Vs - Simpson, Stanley
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida - Vs - Phillips, Todd Hall
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Ricciardi, Eugene Chad
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Jones, Jason St Aubyn
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Hicks, Elizabeth Dianna
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Glintz, Andrew William
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Da Silva, Andresa Mariano
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. CASTILLO Juarez, Diana Laura
Florida2019-11-07State of Florida vs. Garcia Jimenez, Pablo Roberto
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida - Vs - Blue, Sylvester Edward
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida vs. Baksh, Subhan
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida vs. Fialho Do Amaral, Pedro Anisio
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida - Vs - Escobar, Nathan R
Florida2019-11-06State of Florida - Vs - Fisher, Johnny Lee
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Mick, Robert Patrick
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Linares, Christopher
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. CASIANO, Randy Aaron
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Alexander, Robert Ray, Iii
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Spires, Judythe CAROL
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Brewer, Shanita Latrice
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Outlaw, Christopher Donnelle
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Colon, Luis Enrique, Jr
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. High, Jerome Tyrell
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Floyd, Desirea Latrice
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida vs. Branch, Richard CARLTON
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida - Vs - Raymond, Henry Allen
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida - Vs - McRae, Ronda
Florida2019-11-05State of Florida - Vs - Shephard, Matthew Lee
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida vs. Jarmon, Matthew Jagmon
Florida2019-11-04State of Florida - Vs - Murillo, Ivonne Marie
Florida2019-11-03State of Florida - Vs - Liggins, Tykeem Shameek
Florida2019-11-02State of Florida vs. Chisolm, Teule Quamane
Florida2019-11-02State of Florida vs. Mick, Robert Patrick
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. HINCAPIE Ospina, Juan CAMILO
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Bell, RICARDO Sean Eric
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Crespo, Antonio
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Coello Roman, CARMEN Yajaira
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Ford, Charles Allen
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Greninger, RUSSELL Maurice
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Torres, Brian
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Del Valle, Luis Angel
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Roque, Luis Fernando
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Gee, Alexandra Simone
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Gee, Alexandra Simone
Florida2019-11-01State of Florida vs. Gray, Elijah David
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida vs. Alvarez-Tejada, Italo Jordi
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida vs. Ajtum CALMO, Israel
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida vs. Jones, Kaylon Jamel
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida vs. AUSTIN, Michael Brandon
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida vs. AUSTIN, Michael Brandon
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida vs. Cordova, Gypsy Manuel
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida vs. Florescu, Marian
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida vs. Jordan, Jazmine Johnea
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida - Vs - Jacques Bazelais, Micherlange
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida - Vs - Bazelais, Milliane
Florida2019-10-31State of Florida - Vs - Collazo, Jose A
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Avila Perez, Ervin William
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Smart, Shauna RODERICA
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Hemmings, Chrystal Shantel
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Gonzalez OCASIO, Inocencio
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Stokes, Kyrique Davontae Kemall
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Gomez Gomez, Benigno Hermengildo
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Rosado Romero, Tatiana OSCALY
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Rosado Romero, Tatiana OSCALY
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Colonmorales, Sheraliz Marie
Florida2019-10-30State of Florida vs. Gregory, Jennifer
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida - Vs - Richardson, Marlon Andy
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida vs. Glover, Thomas Lloyd
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida vs. Glover, Thomas Lloyd
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida vs. Crapps, CASEY Allen
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida vs. Hall, Darryl Leroy
Florida2019-10-29State of Florida vs. Eiermann, Kenneth Lawrence
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Espinoza, Cesar Josue
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Byrd, CARLES RUFUS
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Hayes, Eric James
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Perez DACASSE, Fraicoll Ray
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Zayas, Manuel Moises
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Ramirez Guarro, Diana
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Rodrigues Viana, Juliano
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Parrilla, Shanice Ashley
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Marrero, Israel
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Sanchez Barriosnuevo, Jose Luis
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Martinez Garcia, Freddy Omar
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Oriental, Daynalee Theressa
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Monterrosas Velazquez, Vicente
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Robinson, Christopher Delante
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Almonte, Anthony Yael
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Sierra, Marsie Jiin Andrew
Florida2019-10-28State of Florida vs. Vasquez, Giovanna
Florida2019-10-27State of Florida vs. Beauford, Samantha L
Florida2019-10-27State of Florida vs. Boone, Isaiah Lavon
Florida2019-10-27State of Florida vs. Boone, Isaiah Lavon
Florida2019-10-27State of Florida vs. Deacon, Keith Robert
Florida2019-10-27State of Florida vs. Joachim, Sterling Wendy Angelo
Florida2019-10-27State of Florida vs. Cote, Marc Kooima
Florida2019-10-26State of Florida vs. Renteria, Gabriel Rene
Florida2019-10-26State of Florida vs. CASTILLO, Daniel
Florida2019-10-26State of Florida vs. AUGUSTE, James
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Villamil Melgar, Jennifer Patricia
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. White, Paul
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Ramirez PICAZO, Jose Luis
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Rivas, Joshua Robert
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Romano, Diane
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Sanchez River, Lyanne
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Seabury, Tai Jabril
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Seabury, Tai Jabril
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Haith, Bshonnett
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Hendy, Christopher T
Florida2019-10-25State of Florida vs. Brown, Vince Delrenard
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida vs. Powell, Devonte Anthony
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida vs. McFall, Charles Parker
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida vs. Sanchez Figueroa, Gilliam Michell
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida vs. Pilier Tifa, Maximo Anibal
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida vs. Davis, Michael Eric
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida vs. Washington, CORNELIUS Kilpatrick
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida vs. Torres Ortiz, BIANCA Marie
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida vs. Morales Gonzalez, Marcos Alejandro
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida - Vs - Corrazi, Olga Margarita
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida - Vs - Jones, Crystal
Florida2019-10-24State of Florida - Vs - Gonzalez, Frances
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida vs. Raymond, Kervens
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida vs. Morales, Elizabeth
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida vs. Lawrence, Serena Michelle
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida vs. Lawrence, Serena Michelle
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida vs. Lawrence, Serena Michelle
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida vs. Lang, Kevin Bernard
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida vs. Romero Irias, Jose Miguel
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida vs. Santos, Michael, Jr
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida vs. Alvarez Tejada, Italo Jordi
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida vs. Walker, Alex Ameir
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida - Vs - Sanders, James William
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida - Vs - Le, Dieu Quang
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida - Vs - Sanchez, William, Jr
Florida2019-10-23State of Florida - Vs - Young, Raymond
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida vs. Wilbon, Fredchon Idrise
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida vs. Mejias, Starling Rafael
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida vs. Ramos Roman, Pablo Yeriell
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida vs. Matos Rios, Adriel David
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida vs. Visser, David Allan
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida vs. McLain, Dillon Trey
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida - Vs - MUSUMECI, Gina
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida - Vs - CARABALLORIVERA, Juan
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida - Vs - Herrera, Laura Sleneidy
Florida2019-10-22State of Florida vs. Gomez, Jeremy Israel
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida vs. Rivera, Herminio Mitch
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida vs. Saba-Alaish, Diaa
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida vs. Ramirez Dominguez, Porfirio Jose
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida vs. Rivera Rodriguez, Jonathan
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida vs. Williams, Deundre Demack
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida vs. Vasquez, George
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida vs. Smith, Teddie Louis
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida - Vs - Osteen, Tahir Armon
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida - Vs - ODEUS, Destiny Victoria
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida - Vs - Barnes, Virginia Lynn
Florida2019-10-21State of Florida - Vs - Branson, Patrick James
Florida2019-10-20State of Florida vs. Pineda, Steven
Florida2019-10-20State of Florida vs. Rivera, Aurea Esther
Florida2019-10-20State of Florida vs. Sanders, Angela Denise
Florida2019-10-20State of Florida vs. Maldonadohernandez, Steven Onassis
Florida2019-10-20State of Florida vs. Vazquez, Jose Antonio
Florida2019-10-20State of Florida vs. Oquendo, Erick Javier
Florida2019-10-19State of Florida vs. Ortiz Santiago, Glory Mar
Florida2019-10-19State of Florida vs. Perez, Alan Alexander
Florida2019-10-19State of Florida vs. O'connell, Nicole Kelly
Florida2019-10-19State of Florida vs. O'connell, Nicole Kelly
Florida2019-10-19State of Florida vs. O'connell, Nicole Kelly
Florida2019-10-19State of Florida vs. O'connell, Nicole Kelly
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida vs. Miano, Michael Tyler
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida vs. Pinero, Edgar Joseph
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida vs. Sanchez, Santiago
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida vs. Munoz Marrero, Orlando
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida vs. Johnson, Timothy Trell
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida vs. Torres, Dayanara
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida vs. Torres, Dayanara
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida vs. Lorenzotorres, Wilson Grabiel
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida vs. Vasquez Gonzalez, Ever AMILCAR
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida vs. Silva, Gabriel Soaresdarocha
Florida2019-10-18State of Florida vs. Lopezgomez, Enoc
Florida2019-10-17State of Florida vs. Straughter, Britney Samone
Florida2019-10-17State of Florida - Vs - Cordell, Shannan Audreanlashun
Florida2019-10-17State of Florida - Vs - Gammage, Annie R
Florida2019-10-17State of Florida - Vs - Cervinsky, Beth Kathlene
Florida2019-10-17State of Florida - Vs - Platero, Nataly
Florida2019-10-16State of Florida vs. Taylor, Crystal Jolene
Florida2019-10-15State of Florida - Vs - Torres, Delainah Lee
Florida2019-10-15State of Florida - Vs - Sierra, Benigno Junior
Florida2019-10-14State of Florida - Vs - Oliveira, Darryn Dmitri
Florida2019-10-14State of Florida - Vs - Moquete, Dariel Guarionex
Florida2019-10-11State of Florida vs. Lifort, Amos
Florida2019-10-11State of Florida - Vs - Armond, Christopher Dion
Florida2019-10-10State of Florida - Vs - MERCADO, Kayla Brianna
Florida2019-10-08State of Florida - Vs - Desroches, Marianna Nidashia
Florida2019-10-07State of Florida vs. Gaudi, Faith Nicole
Florida2019-10-04State of Florida vs. Craighton, Cheryl Ruth
Florida2019-10-03State of Florida vs. Prudent, Kathleen
Florida2019-10-02State of Florida vs. Brown, Ebony Myelle
Florida2019-10-02State of Florida vs. De JESUS Ramos, Romualdo
Florida2019-09-26State of Florida vs. Sammons, Darryl Kevin
Florida2019-09-22State of Florida - Vs - Smoot, Jake Anthony
Florida2019-09-20State of Florida vs. Madrigal Munive, Arturo
Florida2019-09-19State of Florida vs. Forte, Ebony Dione
Florida2019-09-18State of Florida - Vs - Delgadogracia, CARLOS
Florida2019-09-17State of Florida vs. Slaby, Benjamin Robert
Florida2019-09-17State of Florida vs. Gaudi, Faith Nicole
Florida2019-09-16State of Florida vs. Bautista Orozco, Juan
Florida2019-09-16State of Florida vs. Freitas Rocha, Juliana Pires
Florida2019-09-16State of Florida vs. Ibrahim, Hassana
Florida2019-09-15State of Florida vs. McDaniel, Gillian May
Florida2019-09-15State of Florida vs. Santucci, Jordan Joseph
Florida2019-09-13State of Florida vs. Henry, Alon Lois
Florida2019-09-13State of Florida - Vs - Gray, Mondell Sandkeil
Florida2019-09-13State of Florida - Vs - Cunningham, Daniel Michael
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida vs. Diamond, Peter John
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida vs. Garcia Gonzalez, Rafael
Florida2019-09-12State of Florida vs. Guardado, Ana Maria Leite De
Florida2019-09-11State of Florida - Vs - Finley, Jeffrey